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Another Horrible Nicktoon!, 4 September 2012

So this show is about crazy kids and 1 dog doing stunts and other sports and also have crazy adventures.And has wacky parents and teenagers.

I thought they were good but know I realize that

This show is bad.

1. The plot is cliché

2. The character's were kind of OK, but still.

3. Its a ripoff of a good Nicktoon "Rocket Power"

What is with cartoons and shows on now ripping each other off its like nobody's original these days.

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Finally! An answer to if "All That" and "MadTV" were considered as terrible shows., 16 February 2013

"Incredible Crew" is an answer to if "All That" and "MadTV" were considered as terrible shows. Not to mention Cartoon Networks answer to "So Random". So this show is a sketch show created by Nick Cannon (I don't know what that guy was thinking of putting this show on a network that's suppose to air Cartoons). All the skits are horrible! The black kid is freaking obnoxious as hell. This contains disgusting jokes I mean seriously is it that hard to make a show with it being less annoying. "The Farting Grandpa" was no where near funny it was just gross! And why couldn't they use a old man instead of using a kid. This show gets a -1/5 for being one of the worst sketch show ever next to "So Random". I hope this "Level Up" and "The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange" gets canceled. Cartoon Network needs to make new cartoons if there good its worth watching, and get rid of all the live action crap! Then they will be back to normal.

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This cartoon was awesome!, 3 September 2012

This show is about a alien name Zim who was sent to rule the earth and has a sidekick named GIR who is a robot. As they live in earth they disguise there selves Zim as a human and Gir as a dog. And Dib is Zims enemy, Dib try's to prove everyone that Zim is a alien but people thinks he's crazy, His sister Gaz is Dibs emo sister who hates everyone (She's just like Mandy from The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy)She likes to eat pizza and play videogames you would never want to mess with Gaz.

This show was great 1. The plot was funny 2. The characters were weird in a funny way 3. Everybody's (including me)favorite character is GIR, I like GIR he's hilarious (TACO'S)

This cartoon was better than SpongeBob.

I give this show a 10/10

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#1 Worst show ever!, 22 August 2012

The Three Friends and Jerry wasn't the only cartoon on Fox Family that sucked! There was another one! called Angela Anaconda!!!!

So this show is about a crappy girl last named after a snake. She has weird friends, annoying brothers, a stupid fake french girl named Nannette and a teacher that is so annoying.

The show was horrible at first I liked this show until it got so stupid!The antagonists were so annoying!

This is another one of those Fox Family Shows that should be canceled.....oh wait....ITS ALREADY CANCELLED! WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO! :)

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#2 Best Cartoon!, 2 September 2012

This show was one of my favorite cartoons on Cartoon Network!

I was a huge fan of this show.

Heck! The animation inspired me to make good drawings!

This show is about a boy genius named Dexter is trying to keep his laboratory a secret from his parents. But his sister Dee-Dee destroys his inventions and some times Dexter helps Dee-Dee.

The Justice Friends was hilarious, the characters were funny (I like krunk)

Dial M for Monkey was........ okay its not good or bad it's okay. This was original.

These are one of the best shows ever in the '90's.

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#1 Best Cartoon, 2 September 2012

I love this show!

This show is one of the BEST CN shows ever!

This is even better than Ben 10 and Adventure Time!

And I was inspired by this

This show is about 3 5 year old girls saving the day before bed time. They were made by sugar, spice, and everything nice and accidentally put chemical X in. They help people, Beat up criminals, but sometimes it could be hard and challenging, Go to school.

This show was the best! 1. The characters were likable. 2. The plot was awesome 3. This is from the creators of Dexter's Laboratory 4. The songs were original.

This is going in my favorite cartoons list!