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40 of the absolute best SERIALIZED/binge-worthy/drama/thriller/crime/mystery/action/mature/cliffhanger/comedy Series (whats any show without some comedy). If you think you don't like a certain genre, watch the pilot episodes of any of these shows and give 'em a chance, you wont regret it!

**Now the 60 best, didn't want to change the list title or order too much, so the last 20 don't count... Enjoy!
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Is there any better quality a show could have than a good cliff hanger? maybe, but with a good cliffhanger, the next episode is a NEED, not a want. Give these shows a chance! (note this is only the top "Cliffhanger" shows and not a list of the best shows ever, I'd say only the first five fit that category) Enjoy!