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Updated 12/2013: not necessarily in preferential order. Current as in still on TV - not necessarily new episodes right now.
These are shows I watch regularly when there are new episodes. Clearly I have no life and way too much time on my hands.
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Big fat random list of favorite peeps from several different artistic areas, genres, eras, etc. As I think of them, so definitely NOT in any order.
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TV shows that were prematurely cancelled that I feel deserved a chance. So much potential never realized. Yes, I still miss them.
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I am making it a lifetime goal to see as many of these as possible - hopefully all. Some are so bad they are good. Others I admit, I have really liked. Used to be able to catch a lot of these on PAX/ION. I guess that "partnership" is no longer. Movieplex, Hallmark, probably a lot on Amazon Instant streaming. Syfy shows some of the disaster and creature ones. Some are movies, a lot "mini series".
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I love Walt Disney movies. Classics especially. Here is a list as I collect a whole lot of them! These are what I actually own, not just have seen.
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These are titles I wish everyone in the world would watch at least once.