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TV shows that were prematurely cancelled that I feel deserved a chance. So much potential never realized. Yes, I still miss them. Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened - I guess.
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We know that Jon Chu's Jem movie stunk. SO here is my dream cast for a real Jem live action movie that does her justice. Note, I cannot cover every minor character that ever showed up in the cartoon. And if there were ever to be a true Jem movie, Christy Marx MUST be the creative force behind it.
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Movies I have seen (for the first time) beginning Jan 1, 2017. Can be new releases or just ones I haven't gotten to yet. I will designate movie theater, live tv, on demand (MOSTLY HOW I DO IT) etc. Also rating/brief review (I am no critic mind you) Just want to keep a record.
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Not always necessarily in the physical fighting way. I love strong brave women who fight and stand for something.
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These shows like no other completely mess with your mind - not to mention your emotions. Twisting time travel, (alternate) realities and parallel universes. Upending many held "paradox" theories.
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Some new and returning Includes cable and online streaming
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I decided to take Easton Press' list of 100 Great Books and find movies that were made of them. Here are the results. May be a work in progress. In no way am I saying that the movies were the best adaptation of the books, mind you. Always read the book first :-)
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I love Walt Disney movies. Classics especially. Here is a list as I collect a whole lot of them! These are what I actually own, not just have seen.
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These are titles I wish everyone in the world would watch at least once.