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ParaNorman (2012)
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Solid movie, not the best., 19 August 2012

The animation is very well done, which I expected. The storyline, however, is a bit stale, and flip flops quite a bit between different themes. I think the writers tiptoed too much on the line of funny and serious, and should have just gone straight in one of those 2 directions. Overall, the movie is worth seeing, especially if you're a fan of such animation, zombie movies, etc.

What I don't understand is the overwhelming amount of people who find the movie offensive. I've seen a large amount of people complaining that the movie violates their Christian morals, offended them as parents, among other complaints. The movie is just that, a movie. It's a story. Yes, it portrays things such as zombies, witches, ghosts, and other supernatural beings. Thousands of other movies do the same, and just because this one portrays them in a less serious, less evil manner, you condemn it as being unmoral? Get over yourselves.