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A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine do down..., 19 August 2012

In the Christian life, there are things we know we should do, but we just just flat out ignore, so we don't have to do "those things". One of "those things" is being active in evangelism-sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with people who are not yet Christians.

In "The Adventures of Roman and Jorge" it is clear that evangelism can not only be scary, but also funny, exciting, and most of all, an adventure. Some Christian films make you shrug back in embarrassment for cheesy acting, but NOT this one. The humor is not forced and the acting ain't too shabby either!

I would recommend this not only for the Christian to watch to be encouraged to GO and evangelize, but also for the non-Christian who is maybe wondering why us Christians are commanded to share our faith and why exactly the Good News of the Gospel is really GOOD NEWS!