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For better or worse! In no particular order...IN PROGRESS.
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Not necessarily brilliant (or even good in some instances!), but I enjoy them.
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In my humble opinion.
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Just my personal obviously some generally accepted epic characters are missing. Sorry.
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Restricted to 'romantic' couples.
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A work in progress...
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a list of 33 people my opinion anyway.
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Doomed, tortured, star-crossed...whatever you want to call it. These couples are sizzling soulmates who can just never be. Sigh.
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In no particular order...WORK IN PROGRESS. My best romantic drama films here:
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I have not included mini-series in this list (as much as I wanted to add a whole bunch of period dramas!). I have also included romantic comedies in a separate list:
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a list of 20 people
In no particular order....except perhaps the top 3!
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