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Glee: Girls (and Boys) on Film (2013)
Season 4, Episode 15
Just Stop
7 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Look glee, y'all have been letting me down ever since Marley joined and most of the cast graduated. The show was become boring, the musical numbers have gotten lame, and this is the first week that Marley's soap opera hasn't continued... oh wait. She confessed to her boyfriend Puck 2.0 that she kissed Finn 2.0 (i use that because idk their names). I go back to the musical numbers, I was so upset with Shout that i stopped recording on the DVR with major eyeroll following. PLEASE get it together. Ryan Murphy, breathe life back into the show, have Coach Roz to a song with Coach Sylvester. Do something other than continue on this path with these losers... Yet, i did like 1 thing, how Santana comforted Rachel. I always knew Santana wasn't a beeyotch as she made herself out to be. oh 1 last spoiler, Brody might be a drug dealer!!!!
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Steel Magnolias (2012 TV Movie)
it was okay....
24 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I mean would have thought that they would have updated the movie and have not made the movie word for word in the original version. However, the one thing i did not like was where was the scene with the car covered in rubbers?!? that was the one part i was looking forward to seeing. Oh well. But for the movie to be 'new' i wouldn't say so. It was not what i had expected for it to be. But still, i cried when i saw it. I cried like a baby. I cried like a little four year old who just dropped their ice cream cone on the ground on a hot summers day while all other other kids around are eating their ice cream cone. I know why i cried so much during this movie and during the original, because i put myself in the shoes of Shelby and in the shoes of M'lynn. Aww darn, here come the tears now... Shelby just went into the hospital. Wake up Shelby!
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24 October 2012
Has the show been canceled or not? Sheesh! I'm tired of waiting to find out!!! I really enjoy the show, its not as good as it was in season 1 but so what? I enjoy the show, its like Degrassi but not with the annoying stuff. Its Degrassi with more American values, i guess. Anyway, i want to find out what happened with Connor and his sister. Abby and her boo-thing. Pssh i wanna know what happened to Tariq and his new guy. I really don't want to have to find another new 'show' to record to the DVR next year. I mean its on the CW, thats the channel i watch it on, and it presents a different aspect of what to watch on that channel.

*12/17/2012 I found out like 2 weeks ago that it wont be returning to the CW... .... for it was canceled :( F*ck!
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