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In 1989, Zane and Zach witnessed their parents death... In 2012, Zach and his girlfriend; Alyson, witnessed Zane and their friend's deaths by the same killer that killed Zach and Zane's parents... In 1971 Zane and Zach's mom; Michelle, witnessed the same type of killings when she was thirteen years old; this is where it all began!
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One year later after they found Erin Terence and Ryan Thompson dead in Erin's home on Halloween, a 17 year old girl (Hayden Morris) moves into the town with her mother Annette Morris and she soon meets new friends, (Bryan, Fallon, Kaleb, Travis, and Summer). Hayden after living in Erin's home for a week she begins to discover that the nightmare of that night isn't over. With the help of Deputy Mark Wilson, and Grace Tate-Cruise (the towns reporter), Hayden soon learns the secret of why Erin and her boyfriend were killed that horrific night. Hayden, Deputy Wilson, Grace, Hayden's mom, and Hayden's new friends are all targeted by a psychotic killer who will kill anyone to keep the secret hidden.
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Hayden Morris and Kaleb Evans have finished highschool and moved to college, but they didn't go to college alone. While they are settling in, a young college girl named Ashley Rodriguez is murdered that night. Is this the same killer that attacked Hayden, Kaleb, and their other dead friends a year ago? To help with their journey they meet new friends and old friends return (Deputy Mark Wilson, Grace Tate-Cruise, and Annette Wilson). Can they stop the killer or will they all parish.
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Two year later after the murders at the college Maya Hines and Amanda Patterson are murdered in Paige's home. Now Hayden Morris is working at the biggest running business in Hamilton. Her, now known as Sheriff Mark Wilson, Grace Tate-Cruise, and the workers are being hunted by a new killer. And this killer has a dilemma and that is to kill everyone that gets in his way to get to Hayden Morris.
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4 years later Heather Burns is going on vacation on spring break weekend with her six friends to her parent's lake house. When they get there, they begin to swim, drink, dance, and have the best time of their lives until Heather's past comes back to haunt her. Trying to survive Heather must fight the killer of her past and save her friends before they become some more of his victims.
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Heather, Torrey, and Ian escaped the massacre when their friends perished. But now they are on the run from the killer and they soon catch a ride from four nice strangers. While they are driveing down the scary road the killer catches up to them and begins to kill to get to them.
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Ian Rogers was the only survivor of the last attack, now he has moved to a new town and is living right next to a sorority and fraternity houses. But soon Ian discovers that his past is back to finish what it started. Ian must try to save himself and the college students from the killer that wants Ian dead.
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Zach and Zane Torres witness there parents be murdered by a mask killer when they were kids, now they both are grown up and they and the rest of their friends are going to Alyson Hamilton lake house for summer break. When they arrive they began to party and live it up, until one of their friends gets killed by a masked man. Zach and Zane then know that their childhood past is back to finish them off. The boys, Alyson, and the rest of the friends must fight to get out alive.