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Espionage romantic thriller with robust star cast, 24 September 2012

Ek tha tiger is a bewitching romantic story woven behind an espionage thriller with larger than life superstar Salman Khan with his ex-flame Katrina Kaif n they exhibit perfect on screen chemistry.

ETT has more coherence and emotion in story than his previous flicks: Bodyguard n Ready. Sequence have grip and suspense to keep audience hooked for what is next and of-course added with humor and wit.

Yashraj banner has fort in love n romance but this time they have skillfully brewed with undercover thriller, taking full leverage of Salman's charismatic image, who has done wonderful stunts, sprints, chasing on roof tops, smashing heads and even stops a tram with a skimpy jacket. To keep audience enamored, Salman has body, boyish charm and delivers action with dynamism, vivacity and smartness of bond. Katrina is not mere Barbie but with each passing films she is getting refined in acting fort, and here apart from juicy dialogs, she has fight n stunt sequence to suit her figure and constitution. She is certainly not a glamor doll but has gravity in her role with equal footage. I, being her ardent fan claim that she can win millions by her smile, poise and suppleness. In songs Laapata and Mashallah she looks heavenly with devilish facial gestures and curves.

It is a reality that love has no parameters, limits and boundaries, and can cross any madness, zealotry even as contradictory as ISI n RAW. ETT dares to prove that through idiosyncratic twist n turns.

All the overseas locations have been well picked and are not common Bollywood shooting destinations. Parks, tree lined avenues and medieval architectural buildings in Dublin are picturesque and breathtaking. Byzantine and Ottoman architecture with cobblestone alleys, downtown crowded market, pavement are nicely shot during tacking, running and chasing in Istanbul. Havana city lied on low hills with Narrow Street and hanging balcony is another fascinating pick out

In nutshell it is a comprehensive entertainment with action, stunts, nice songs, glamor and story with a message with your favorite stars.

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Sitcom humor of / for seasoned duo, 2 September 2012

Kudos to débutant director Bela Bhansali for bold and idiosyncratic theme of bringing together well deserved talented duo. Magnetic factor to attract audience is the middle-aged love story, thinking away from routine typical teenyboppers, and trendy title…..toh nikal padi.

Yesteryear's hit Khatta Meetha must have been the inspiration of taking Parsi community's humor, which is evident in the character, accent, names, mannerism and dialogs.

Boman Irani a seasoned artist plays the role of Farhad Pastakia, a bachelor, at the end of his youth, and seeking partner whom he wants to marry purely for love, certainly not to please his kith n kin's. He is a salesman in a lingerie shop and has pride attached in his expertise to measure any women's bra size by mere sight. Quite a daring man. Unfortunately he is too honest and his line of work goes against impressing any decent family, or even girls, who walks away as soon as they learn of his profession.

Faraha in the role of Shrin Fugawala in her forties, working as secretary for a Parsi Community Trust with carefree and tomboy image to blow and blast any body who is not willing to listen her. After proving her ability in Choreography, Direction and presence in idiot box, she is desperate to en-cash her celebrity ranking and fulfill dream cum true a lead role on big screen.

Somehow the chemistry sparked between Farhad and Shirin, seems love at first sight. Like any Indian marriage, parent's approval is essential and unknowingly Shirin end up annoying Farhad's mother, the role played by yest year's veteran Daisy Irani. The sequences enhance flavor of the film and adds laugh out loud moments. All the supporting cast is adorable and you will love to watch them in their every act, but hats off to Boman Irani.

Songs seems to have been forced by creating dream sequence and choreography is flimsy. It seems that movie has been planned as quickie due to budget constraints and proper homework was not done on various fronts of film making: Script was lacking punches, Farah's dialog deliver was too casual and no dramatic effect, and so is her choreography. Am sure they could have taken better inspiration from veteran movie Khatta Meetha. The movie did not look like from the producers and director of Devdas and Dil DE chuke sanam.

But flaws can be excused as the overall movie is definitely entertaining and delivers nice moments. It is truly quoted in the film that love has no expiry and supports the fact that love has no age barrier. Well try and sequel is welcome.

Jism 2 (2012)
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Audience taken for ride for Erotic thriller with Pitiable script, Pathetic direction, Lackluster dialogs, 22 August 2012

Jism already a hot brand was waiting for by another hottie Sunny Leone to create a perfect combination to seduce audience to come to the theater. Arunoday Singh and Randeep Hooda talented duo were to fill the missing ingredient, had the script been written with sincerity to suit roles, characters and theme. Heavy Urdu moralistic dialogs looks out of place and funny from Sunny. She can say the same what Pamela Anderson quoted once "I am not an actress, I don't think I am an actress. I think I have created a brand and a business." A femme fatal Izna (Sunny Leone), is hired by a young chap an intelligence officer, to expose a hardcore criminal who has been involved in assassination of many govt. high ranking officers, ministers and even bombing of innocent people. In the past she had been the inamorata of this criminal and deserted by him. The agency asks her to use her amorous to take out in-depth information of the terrorist organization kept on his computer. Unfortunately everybody have his own justification of doing the things, right or wrong, irrespective of which side of law they are. In the end personal interest get bigger than the principles, and the ethical code one is working for. Life is a game of cards in which heart is never an asset. Heart always takes over the logics of mind. Exquisite locations and scenes are definitely eye soothing with Sunny's assets exposure and romantic scenes. Nice classic songs but you are not watching a classic or an offbeat film and are completely misfit for this kind of a theme. The songs with beat and fast pace are more appropriate for such films.

It is really unfortunate that producer director and story writer of Mahesh Bhatt's caliber, (ultimately it is his blessing, guidance and banner is at stake), can be so myopic and takes audience for ride. Am sure they should have done better homework to en-cash the brands (Sunny n Jism) they were holding and for their future projects. The movie is B (minus) grade.