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Here are a list of my favorite TV characters from the shows I've seen. I'm well aware that there's not so many women on the list but when I thought about it most of my favorite characters are men :)
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This is a list IN ORDER (of my opinion) of the 50 most beautiful actresses in the world :)
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These are my favorite movies of all time in no particular order :) I haven't seen some of the classics such as the Godfather or Casablanca so that's the reason why there are only relatively new movies on the list.
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This is a list of MY favorite tv-shows in no particular order :) And i'm well aware of other great tv-shows out there such as Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, Supernatural, 24, the Wire and so on and so on which I haven't had the time to watch yet, but I will get to it soon, I promise :)