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Love the God!! God is our friend and stays in humans not in stones!! Superb subject
30 September 2012
We have always been taught that God is our father always fear God. But this movie say God is our best friend so love the Almighty. Excellent movie with hilarious content.

Movie is story of small Gujarati businessman Kanji Bhai superbly played by Paresh who doesn't believe in God. His life take a big turn when he lost everything in earth quake, Insurance company refuses to claim saying this is act of God and can't be claimed.Thus he decided to take big decision and movie is all about that decision.

Akshay played role of modern God. If you are thinking that why God is modern go watch a movie you will find a meaningful reason behind it. Akshay is excellent too.

Movie criticizes the big business that is based on selling God or we can say playing with emotion of people.

God is not in stones or temples. God is in emotions,humans. Do not donate big amount to temples just help the poor and God will be happy. Don't waste your time searching god here and there instead search in humanity. Be fearless and love the God.

Must watch
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Heroine (2012)
Glamorous but depressing and old storyline !!!
24 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The movie is all about Kareena kapoor AKA Mahi's life .. Story is same as Dirty Picture but more boring!! Amazingly world's whole tragedy happens in Mahi's life. :P There are only some good points in the movie which are:- Superb acting by Kareena 10 on 10 You will feel the glamor of bollywood.. Good support by Arjun Rampal and Randeep Hudda... Despite above qualities there are many flaws in the movie like:- It is very depressing and sad. Story is nothing new.You can say this is glamorous version of Dirty pictures.. You can not feel reality anywhere unlike Madhur's other movies. Whole movie is predictable!!

To conclude Heroine is a average movie with old and depressing storyline..
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Barfi! (2012)
14 September 2012
First of all a different kind of movie!!Storyline is good,Music is just awesome,overall direction is perfect and brilliant performance by Ranbir make this a really good movie to watch for. Story revolves around three people Barfi(Ranbir),Jhilmil(Priyanka),Shruti(Ileana). Shruti is engaged with Rich and handsome man . Her life changed when she met Barfi who can't speak or hear. Barfi's life is full of tragedy but he lives life with full joy. He showed Shruti about happiness in little things. Suddenly Shruti starts to fall for Barfi but story has a beautiful twist when Jhilmil came in their life. Jhilmil suffered from autism and she belongs to Rich life. Barfi is all about the beautiful melodrama between these three young people. Movie leaves very beautiful and meaningful message about love and life. Small small beautiful scenes realizes us about beautiful world. Overall a perfect movie to watch for after a longtime.
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