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This is a list that I have worked quite a while on creating and tweeking, hopefully everyone will enjoy. If you consider yourself a fan of romantic comedies I suggest watching every one of the movies on this list. Please post suggestions for movies that might be missing, but keep in mind that they must fall under the genre of R-com, not simply romance (i.e. The notebook, a walk to remember, titantic would be on a different list). All feedback is welcome, but please be descriptive, and dont simply say things such as "Terrible List" without giving a reason or suggestions. Hope you all enjoy.

Also be careful with some of the synopsis I have provided, a few tend to provide quite a bit of detail and may contain minor spoilers; but lets get real, we all know whats going to happen at the end :)
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This is a list of my favorite movies from 2015, please keep in mind that I have not watched every movie released in 2015 and also it is not a "best of" list but rather a list of my personal favorites. Also note that I considered "The Revenant" a 2016 movie since it only received a limited release in 2015.