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The best, worst and in-between of Arnold Schwarzenegger's film career. Personally I have not seen every single one of his films, which is good and bad. I will note the ones I have seen, at least parts and tell whether to see or skip.
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Primarily movie directors of some of the greatest recognized movies including franchises. This list is in no particular order. And included are people who have had success with at least 2 movies, exclusions are for some newer up and coming directors most recently.
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If you don't know, "Character Actors" are people who appear in many movies or quite the opposite and get recognized but not usually in the main role. And you usually say "that guy" or "that girl". Also they may appear in smaller movies in the main role but never in a mainstream movie in the main role, at least early in their career.
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Movies I have seen multiple times, which I enjoy and would most likely view repeatedly
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Some of the best or down right horrible sequels and remakes of popular or even little known movies
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These are movies I recommend in the Horror genre, that I've seen or heard about
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most of the original works preceding these are worth checking out, in some cases these movies surpass their originals. personally, i have only included movies i have seen at least once. the next time i view any more sequels, if they make the cut, will be added.
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tentative list in progress, original movies are sometimes great but that doesn't necessarily mean they have sequels or maybe they should've put development into them
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TV shows and movies that I watch every year during Thanksgiving/Christmas time