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If you want comedy,, then this is the film for you, 16 September 2013

This film is one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time but with the cast what do you expect? If you're a fan of James Franco, Seth Rogan, Jonah Hill, Michael Cera, Danny Mcbride I think you'll enjoy this film. So it's basically a real life themed apocalypse film where everyone in the film is themselves and the world ends...obviously. They all retreat back to James Franco's House and wait to get saved when this doesn't happen everyone starts to lose their minds, Although a comedy there are quite few hilariously brutal deaths. If you don't laugh then there is something wrong with you seriously. Oh and Emma Watson is in it Nuff Said.

Hell Baby (2013)
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Awful, Awful, 28 July 2013

Before I actually start my review the 2 reviews before made me laugh more than this joke of a film did..

It starts off with a man and a woman arriving at their new home in a "black neighbourhood" straight away you can tell this is going to be terrible but you carry on anyway, You have to give it a chance right? Wrong. The woman is ridiculously portrayed as pregnant (Maybe it's supposed to be funny, It's not) Some guy who apparently lives in their crawl space jumps out at them time and time again but They continue to just let him enter their house when ever He wants. Some ugly hag shows up screaming at any chance She gets again not funny or scary and finally the woman starts doing loads of stupid demonic crap, Like smoking, drinking alcohol, drinking paint stripper while heavily pregnant, and to top it off her boyfriend doesn't ask any questions about this crap,Just because She starts crying? She ends up trying to kill him but again He just shakes it off like it's nothing. The best part about this film are the cops and the priests or fathers who make it ever so slightly funny but not enough to watch it all, Hell even I didn't finish it, I got to the hour mark and that was enough for me the next 40 minutes I just couldn't do.

Overall I wouldn't recommend this film to anybody, Watch paint dry it's far more entertaining than this.

Bernie (2011)
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Massive Let Down., 10 August 2012

With Jack Black as the leading role you are expecting something funny not the BORING BORING BORING joke of a film that this is.

Just simply avoid this at all costs and if you do go a head and watch it don't say I didn't tell you not to.

So basically this film is based on a "Real life event" with documentary parts with the other people of the town talking about the aftermath about a funeral director who is basically loved by everyone and He loves everyone... and He happens to like widows...A lot. After a long time manages to get in with one who is mega rich and also evil and cruel, After a while He ends up killing the old lady but still spends her money and hides her death from everybody... but how long can he keep it up for?