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Pretty self-explanatory
a list of 53 titles
only including movies I've seen
Total Score=165.55
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Total score for this year:87.9
Average=3.25/5 (to 1 d.p.)
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In order
Seen 19/46
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I made this list towards the end of 2015, so this list is inaccurate as I missed some movies
Also I'm counting Tucker and Dale Vs Evil as a 2011 movie as it was wide release (only on VoD) in 2011 in the US and was in limited release in the UK in 2011
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Total for this year:144.15
Yearly average:2.9/5 (to 1 d.p.)
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In order of when I bought them
Movies from my top 25 missing:
#11:Monster's Inc.
#14:Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back
#17:Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope
#20:Fight Club
#22:Straight Outta Compton
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Yearly average=3/5
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I will miss some movies because I made this list at the beginning of 2016, so some movies that I have seen, but won't be on here until I watch them again
Yearly Average=3.3/5