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Red Eye (2005)
Watched this one with red eyes, 21 January 2006

Wes Craven steps up his game a bit with Red Eye. Steps it up doesn't mean reaching anywhere near his previous gems,but miles ahead of the other junk he's shared with us over the last 3 or 4 years. Rachel McAdams has a bright future and she and Reese Witherspoon will be competing to be the next Julia Roberts before long. Cillian Murphy adds a twist to the sicko he portrayed in Batman Begins and again does well at it.At 86 minutes,the film still manages to drag in a few parts despite being short on running time. Decent flick to catch on a rainy night or if you're looking for a breezy(not Seabreeze..wink,wink) film to pass the time.

Sin City (2005)
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Welcome to Sin City(Population: Fading Fast), 2 April 2005

I had never read Frank Miller's short stories, nor anything else pertaining to Sin City, so I went into the theater tonight with a clear mind. And I think it helped. I loved it because it was all so new to me and if were familiar with his works, then I would have critiqued and pointed out every meticulous detail that differed from the comics. This really felt like an honest-to-God comic book coming to life what with the narration and black and white(save for a few colors) settings. This film featured a huge ensemble cast and each one brought something different to the table. My favorite performance was Mickey Rourke as Marv and I had no idea that was him underneath the make-up. Jessica Alba,Bruce Willis,Michael Madsen,Elijah Wood,Benicio Del Toro,Rosario Dawson(so damn hot!) all fit in nicely. I will not spoil anything because there is too much to cover but the basic premise is Marv looking for the killer of a prostitute named Goldie that had befriended him. There is a lot of violence in this film, but nothing over the top that would be considered controversial. 3 separate stories intertwine to make up an interesting and fresh movie. Destined to become a cult classic and a sequel would be hard-pressed not to be made.

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So Bad....It's Still Not Very Good, 27 March 2005

After hearing of this film and being a fan of Phoebe Cates, I wanted to try and see it. The DVD release was shelved and a VHS copy is near impossible to find. However, my friend David told me at work that it was coming on Encore Love(of all the channels)at 3 in the morning. Excited, I tivo'd it and watched it a few days later. Lol, I wasn't expecting anything intelligent, but even this falls below expectations. This film has no plot, terrible acting, and is 90 minutes of incredibly bad cheese. However, there are some nice T&A shots in the film. Betsy Russell in the horseback riding scene is breathtaking and it's nice to get a shot of Cates' bare ass on the beach. Pretty cool soundtrack and always nice to see Ray Walston pop up for a cameo. The ending to this film was funny, but it's also want I wanted to do to the director and writer of this crap.

The Saint (1997)
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Decent For A Rainy Day Or Lazy Saturday, 19 February 2005

The Saint was a decent flick, but jumping scenery as well as lack of plot development kept it from being really good. Val Kilmer is good in his role with all the different costumes and accents he had to do. My favorite one was the old,balding journalist guy. Elisabeth Shue,while always a pleasure to watch, didn't really offer a whole lot to the movie. The whole thing dealing with cold fusion and the Russians attempting to steal the formula was sketchy at best. The Saint has many cool moments, but overall it was choppy and far from being what it could have been. Worth seeing once, twice if you REALLY like seeing a lot of Val Kilmer.

Saw (2004)
Glad That I Have Now Seen Saw, 16 February 2005

Saw is a wonderfully crafted thriller by a first-time director. Think what you will about the plot,acting,etc but fact of the matter is, I watched this movie to be entertained and Saw does just that. While not the horror gore fest it was made out to be, it does have some nice creepy moments(the puppet) and a terrific ending that literally left my jaw dropping when it occurred. Nice to see Cary Elwes back in a lead role as it seems he's been gone for a decade now. Bravo to a low-budget film that is worth every minute of the 100 minutes of running time. The tricks of the game are fun to watch and the whole movie has a dark setting which adds to the effect of what you are seeing. Go rent Saw and see it for yourself.

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Get Bourne Again!, 25 July 2004

The Bourne Supremacy is that rare sequel that more than holds its own to the original, as well as a being a standout film in an already over-saturated summer season. Matt Damon once again turns in a stellar performance as Jason Bourne, who struggles daily with the memories of his time as an ex-CIA trained assassin. After living a free life for the last 2 years, he is set up to take the fall for 2 agents' deaths in Berlin. So once again it's up to he and Marie to stay one step ahead of them. This movie features 2 well put together car chase scenes and the action is breath-taking. I especially liked the expanded role of Brian Cox's character. He was convincing and chilling in his scenes and Joan Allen is a fresh face following in the footsteps of Chris Cooper in The Bourne Identity. The fact that it was raining tonight helped set the mood for me as I got in the theater. I'm not going to get into whether I think it was better or worse than the first one. I'm just going to say if you liked The Bourne Identity at all then you owe it to yourself to check this one out. If you don't then Bourne will bring this fight to your

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First Rate Thriller, Get Bourne!, 22 July 2004

I'm not usually a fan of action movies, but I do enjoy ones like this one that have a motive and some suspense to it as opposed to all the standard blowing crap up just for cool special effects. The Bourne Identity is well-crafted and the scenery is absolutely beautiful. Matt Damon gives his finest performance to date as Jason Bourne, a man who washes up on a boat at sea and has no clue who he is. However, he begins to discover some of his "previous" life and learns that he was a CIA trained assassin. However,his mission that he was supposed to carry out was a failure and now the CIA is after him at any means possible so they can cover their own asses. Chris Cooper does a fine job as the mastermind trying to bring Bourne down, and he helps the movie have such an eerie feel to it. This movie gets an 8 out of 10 for me for being different and the chase scenes are intense. The scene at Maria's friend's house was awesome, what with the one on one hunt and all. The sequel looks to be action-packed as well. I didn't even know these movies were based on a set of books, even though now they are on my must read list.

EuroTrip (2004)
"This Isn't Where I Parked My Car", 19 July 2004

Eurotrip was one of the movies that I was skeptical about seeing, just because it didn't have any recognizable stars in it and was only in theaters for like 3 weeks. However, I was bored and decided to see it and was pleasantly surprised. Yes, it's your basic run-of-the-mill teen sex comedy with plenty of low-brow humor, but it actually has more hits than misses. The big hits for me were the hilarious cameos of Matt Damon and David Hasselhoff as well as the green fairy during the bar scene. The misses included the all male naked beach scene. It just seems that the director was going for the big shock value scene that people would be talking about or identify with this movie.(Think American Pie's apple pie scene or Frank the Tank streaking in Old School) The Italian guy in the train was too freaky and the dominatrix lady is my worst nightmare. Some other brights spots involve the character of Cooper, whose smile reminds me of Andrew McCarthy. He has some very lines and I liked the fact that Jenny was the only girl it seemed who didn't take it off just to be taking it off. The lead character of Scott was too bland for me, but he gets the girl in the end so he must have been good for Mike(girl whose name is pronounced Meeka). Anyway, this is worth watching on a Saturday afternoon if you're bored and have seen just about every other teen comedy. I'd say 5 out of 10.

His News Is Bigger Than Your News!, 9 July 2004

Anchorman: Legend of Ron Burgundy is the perfect retro movie that Starsky and Hutch aimed to be earlier this year. Some of the laughs for me were the sight gags involving the clothes,the hair,and the insane amount of smoking. Will Farrell once again, like him or loathe him and it's easy to fell both in this film,turns in another great comedic performance that solidifies his status as a leading man in Hollywood. Burgundy is the lead anchor at Channel 4 News in San Diego and is terrified when, of all things, a woman(Christina Applegate)named Veronica Corningstone is hired at the station to be a field reporter. Burgundy and his posse, consisting of Brian Fantana(played by Paul Rudd who I found to be absolutely hilarious as it was a nice change of pace from his normal good guy roles), Champ Kind(David Koechner), and Brick Tamland(Steve Carrell who once again steals the scenes as he did in Bruce Almighty) set out to destroy Miss Corningstone. Their plans are thwarted however when Burgundy falls madly in love with her. What ensues next is pure hilarity. Anchorman lets you know from the get-go that it is pure farce and nothing to take seriously. Just 91 minutes of extreme fun and silliness. Nice touch to see fellow "Frat Pack" members Vince Vaughn,Ben Stiller,Jack Black,and Luke Wilson as well as Tim Robbins turn up in a Gangs of New York themed street fight between rival stations. But the movie starts and ends with Farrell, who while being the biggest jerk in the movie, actually makes you root for him when he's down on his luck. I give it a 7 out of 10. Thanks for reading my review and "Stay Classy!"

I thought Scooby and the gang had already met the Three Stooges back in the 70's, 6 July 2004

Scooby-Doo Meets the Boo Brothers was my favorite of the straight to television Scooby-Doo movies that came along in the late 80's. There is no Fred,Daphne,or Velma as Shaggy,Scooby,and Scrappy are getting the starring roles. Basic plot is that Shaggy's Uncle Beauregard has passed away and left him his southern plantation. The trio encounters some problems on the way there as the plantation is located in the middle of nowhere on a dirt road as it is raining. Once they get there, they find out that Beauregard had hidden a king's ransom worth of diamonds,jewels,and other treasures to keep them away from his enemies. So the three of them set out to find these treasures and hire the Boo Brothers(carbon copies of The Three Stooges) to catch the ghosts that are trying to prevent Shaggy from getting his hands on the goodies. The old butler named Farquar is jealous of Shaggy and is looking for the treasure himself and there is also a redneck named Billy Bob Scroggins who is out to kill Shaggy because of a long-standing feud with the Beauregard family. Throw in a skeleton ghost,an escaped circus ape,a wimp of a sheriff,and Billy Bob's sister trying to hook up with Shaggy and you've got yourself a recipe for fun over the next 90 minutes. The Boo Brothers provide lots of slapstick gags and there are some neat play on words as it relates to the clues for each individual diamond. Certainly worth a watch as it has a different premise and setting compared to the other Scooby-Doo adventures.

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