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7 August 2012
Absolutely loved the movie! I am a fan of all of the step up movies but this one takes the cake. Not only were the leads amazing but the choreography was perfection. There was a perfect blend of dance and acting. It had a great plot and I would definitely recommend it. Seeing past and current dancers from "So You Think You Can Dance" was an added bonus. I especially enjoyed Twitch, Brandon, and Tony Bellissimo (you were in it to little <3) Kathryn McCormick proved to be a good actor and an even better dancing which I had expected due to her experiences and performances on SYTYCD. Ryan Guzman was also good, seen shirtless through most of the movie added some extra but his acting was good as always and he proved that he could dance. Learning how in only 3 months. Which is impressive considering his fellow dancers. Seen it once.. definitely not enough. Will be going back to theatres, and buying it!
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