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The Score (2001)
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Great acting, great score!!!, 28 July 2005

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Deniro, Brando and Norton together in a movie! Great filming, because of the locations and the music (mostly all being Jazz as Deniro plays the role of a jazz club owner) a superb atmosphere and an excellent script will guarantee top entertainment. Norton reminded me in this movie of his role as Aaron Stampler in 'Primal Fear', also a great film with superb acting by both Norton and Richard Gere. Edward Norton is prove that the next generation has talent indeed, and not just shallow tough talk like Collin Farrel. Marlon and Robert do their jobs as they do it best; natural, no special effects needed, just plain old fashioned acting. 124 minutes of pure thrill, joy and surprise, it felt like 20 minutes and I hope Robert could pull jobs like this more often in the future. Please stop letting him star in (romantic) comedies!! He's made for gangster movies ever since his first role as John 'Johnny Boy' Civello next to Harvey Keitel in 'Mean Streets'.....!

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The best comic book adaptation ever!!!, 19 June 2005

Well, according to 'lordbensonsit' and a lot of other commentators this movie shouldn't been made and or but after I read all these negative comments I went to see it anyway!

Maybe because of the trailer, maybe because of Keanu is in it, maybe because the comments were so harsh, they lost their credibility. Am I glad I went, saw and enjoyed a wonderful experience!! and that's what it is all about, going to a movie is going in another reality, if you want reality go see a documentary, for God's sake!! I mean what do you expect from a story based upon a comic book?? Answer: amazing special fx, a lost hero, a great script, strong characters, lots of solid action and even a good laugh incidentally...

There's no spoils in this comment, be open and prepared for an unusual evening when you go see 'Constantine', Reeves is brilliant, Weisz is okay, and supporting actors are all flawless too. Within the Supernatural or Horror genre 'Constantine' will make you forget The Forgotten or End of Days, even Sixth Sense or 12 Monkeys although the latter does come close. In the 'comic book turns into movie'-genre, Constantine is my favourite of all time. Enough said, check him out!!!

Tape (2001)
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Amazing!, 18 November 2004

Since the set consists of a shabby motel room, the cast of 3 actors and the action is dialogue only, it seems very clear this script was written as a play once. Why the hell make a movie then? Well, for instance to see how a married couple, Ethan&Uma, struggle to convince an audience they're worth it. Well, they aren't!! BUT.......being a big fan of Mrs.Hawke, now Miss Thurman again, since her astonishing appearance in Pulp Fiction, it is simply amazing what a difference the director makes. I mean, two years after Tape she appears again in a Tarantino hit movie and yet again a sparkling performance, but her acting in Tape really sucks, as does the plot, as does her former husband. The only thing worth seeing was Robert Sean Leonard, so if you're a fan of him only, I guess you could rent the video/DVD on a very rainy day.....Otherwise you will end up seeing this film feeling exactly the same as me, very, very, very disappointed.What a waste of talent!!!

Confidence (2003)
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Give us a sequel please!!, 26 September 2004

Twists and turns, that's what makes a story, whether it's a book or a film. Since Hitchcock's superb thrillers, I like to think that I've seen most if not all movies of the genre, yet this one really surprised me that much I had to see it again right away. The plot is very original, but the sometimes staccato dialogs and use of high speed American slang language is sometimes difficult to understand for a non-American.

Nevertheless I enjoyed watching Jake Vig(Edward Burns)very much, his coolness reminds me of James Stewart and the catch of the film reminded me a little bit of Swordfish-Travolta's latest and one of his best movies ever. Dustin Hoffman's character is very convincing as an independent gangster whose money-collector gets involved in a scam and looses $150.000,- to a group of four slick hustlers.

It's this team, which members are so diverse yet fit together so perfectly that it makes me want to see another film starring the same con men, director Mr. James Foley, please give us a sequel............

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Finding Truth, 10 June 2004

I would like to call this movie of Mr.Gus Van Sant, one of todays most talented directors, a feel good movie similar to his outstanding 'Good Will Hunting'.( By the way, there's a funny cameo appearance at the end of the film which suggests that too, go see it asap !) Whenever you feel bad or lonely, maybe just sick and at home watching videos, this movie will make you feel much better... It's about life and it's difficulties, about destiny and fear of the future and fulfilling your dreams whatever it takes. As an old but very wise man William Forrester(S.Connery) teaches a young but very gifted Afro-American by the name of Jamal Wallace (Rob Brown) how to overcome his fear. How to exploit his talents and how to manage himself while attending College where he is the only colored one of his class might be circumstances not every soul engages in this life, but looking for a family when you haven't got any surely is. Altogether a movie of a kind, with very strong acting ( even Busta Rhymes excels himself as Jamal's older brother Terrell), strong dialogues and a message on top of that.