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Nice romantic comedy, 7 August 2012

I actually loved this movie. Maybe it was the cold weather after work or the music in the movie, but it appealed to me. The cast with Angela Bassett and some gorgeous looking individuals added to the charm of the movie. I must agree that the French speaking was one of the most bizarre i ever heard being french speaking from Cameroon. i could hardly make up what was being said and it sounded as if it was added in the editing phase. Anyway... The story is also a light one but reel. It depicts the mother who will never finds any woman good enough to be her daughter-in-law, the super-protective mother who does not want her child to grow. it also showcases the difference in behaviour, likings... between 2 different socio economical classes of individuals. in between there are a lot of family secrets that get revealed. That is great and presented in crescendo. One is always bent towards finding out what is exactly going on. The music chosen in the movie is just great, and would bring to romance any person you are courting. And of course, weddings are always emotional for me, and T.D Jakes adds realism to the act. All in one, if you have to seduce someone after trying for some time without success, try this movie, it might just work out.