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Prometheus (2012/I)
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This is actually NOT a new Aliens franschise, 11 September 2012

So first i watched it in the cinema and i've never seen a movie from the Alien franschise before, and after the movie ended as felt abit "meh, special effects nothing more" Then a friend told me i at least should watch the 2 first Alien movies and so i did and now i re watched Prometheus and it is SOO much better if you've seen at least the 2 first ones. It comes of as a new franchise but to be honest, a lot of the things explained and seen in Prometheus were something you wondered about from the 2 first films.

So in the end, watch at least the 2 first ones (both really good, the others are not so) before you watch Prometheus

"New Girl" (2011)
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Finally a Series with some intelligent jokes, 2 September 2012

Now most of todays TV-shows are sitcoms, where the jokes 99 of a 100 times are cheap, cheap as ****.

The show is about 3 guys who let a girl move in and live them, which probably warns a lot of people that i think would like this show to not see this show.

But what it is about and what they do is far from anything important in a Comedy TV-Series.

The bottom line is, that this show has intelligent humor and another important ingredient is that the creators are spot on which characters that should have the most airtime.

The Game (1997)
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One of my favorite movies of all time, 11 August 2012

A lot of people who watch movies tries to figure out how its going to end, especially movies like this one, that doesn't move in super duper quick shots. Instead it moves abit slower (absolutely not to slow) and the movie get that mystic feeling and also sometimes somewhat of a horror feeling to it. I've seen this one about 7 times and never have the people i've seen it with been able to guess the end, and that is what i call impressive, especially since this movie clearly states just by its title that the audience should try and figure out the ending.

Michare Douglas plays a character that i would go as far as to say that no one ever could do better. He's rich, powerful and very much alone, and how many actors can take such a big part of a movie and not make it boring? I'm not gonna write much about the movie, cause i don't want anyone reading this to get some hints ;).

This is a serious movie, not a comedy. So watch it in the right setting and get blown away.

"Lost" (2004)
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Why have i seen all episode 3 times?, 8 August 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I've seen the episode 3 times because there are no other TV Series like this. When someone are describing something great here on IMDb they usually use all these word "Heart, comedy, love" or well at least close to. But this show aren't particularly great at any of that, it solely revolves around the term Mystery.

Even after the last episode, the mystery is sort of there, and i think many would have loved to see more.

a quick summary of the plot: a (big) group of strangers crash on an Island that at the very first episode doesn't come off as a regular tropic island. Hence the mystery begins, and the further the show goes the more answers you get to your questions, but questions rises as well.

Sure there are love and Humor in pretty much every episode but that's barely what it is about, and the thing is, those two things are the most common ones to use to develop characters. And they use them as well. But not in a regular way, instead you get to see how the characters lived before they crashed and how those lives forms and shapes their decision making while they're on the Island.

I don't know what more to write, every actor is pure quality, every conversation has a meaning, its mysterious like nothing else, which also makes it addictive.

a MUST see!

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How is it without dear Michael Scott?, 8 August 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First of all i rate this 10, and its probably the only thing i'd ever rate 10, its perfection for a person like me. For example, i've probably seen every episode about 5 times each, At least. But this review is about the time after the great Scott, does it work without one of the most liked TV comedy characters of modern time? Well...

There are probably very few that claim the Series to be even funnier without him, and obviously it has gotten worse but not to the extent that many followers like me probably feared.

They did hit abit of bumps during the 8th season, learn by doing is what i think we saw, and its slowly "getting there".

The only bad part about it that i think they should adjust is that Dwight (Rainn Wilson) felt abit more likable, and in his case that is not cool.

Im gonna keep this short and say that the 8th season is not that much like the previous 7 ones, sadly in one way, but good in another, we now get to see a lot more of the other characters since Michael Scott took up by far the most screen time in the previous ones. And don't us followers just love the other characters as well? OFC! They're brilliant, and there is plenty of "offensiveness" to go around even without Scott.

What do i want to see for Season 9? More Creed Bratton, deffently would like to get to know some of his past, for example his real name?

Hesher (2010)
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Watched cause of Metallica, found out it was nothing like that., 7 August 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is probably one of the best movies i've seen in a long time. The reason i decided to watch it, was simply because I'm a Metallica fan and i expected a rocker (hesher) to just go bananas. But this movie is so much more then that, so much more with everything. its rich and filled with love,drama,comedy. What makes a movie great to me, is when the scenes and lines are well thought through, they have a meaning and purpose, which they do in this movie.

Every single actor in this movie are brilliant, not the easiest roles either.

When you watch this movie (yes you need to) i'd suggest to not do it whit a lot of friends or whatever might keep you unfocused of watching the movie. Casue you really need to think beyond the first barrier to be able to appreciate this fine work of art 9/10 well deserved

Battleship (2012)
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6.1 They made that many IMDb accounts?, 7 August 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Oh oh oh. I don't know where to start, well i guess i could start with saying that after watching this movie i had to make an IMDb account to contribute in warning people, of not seeing this film.

Before it, i had low expectations. Somewhat i had good special effects, cheesy and common story as what i expected. But to be honest the special effects aren't even that good in modern time measure and the story wasn't even Cheesy, just plain horrible.

I could probably write a review about what i thought was bad, longer then the script itself. Liam Neeson is loved by many (i like him myself) and understand that he got a lot of money for a minor role, i mean who wouldn't do it? His acting is as always good. When i watched John Carter i thought Kitsch did a good job but in this movie, he is really bad, simply cause his character is retarded. Except from that, pretty much every actor was plain horrible.

Every Cliché you can think of is in this movie, Rihanna saying "boom" every time she fires a weapon gets abit annoying.

A few things that really disturbed me (BIG SPOILER ALERT), its gonna be a lot but i think its funny when you read them: An Alien throws Rihanna into a "wall" hard, the little girl gets up almost immediately with her hat on 100% perfectly. Stuff like that really annoys me.

When the Aliens are about to arrive, for some reason the secretary of defense and the man in charge of contacting the Aliens are both talking through webcam with an employee of the man in charge of contacting the Aliens, why are they talking to him? is he some kind of expert and they seek advice from this man? No they don't, the people in charge of USA's security just talks to him in a critical time for no apparent reason.

There are 2 very badly animated Horses high up on a mountain on Hawaii. Now i haven't been to Hawaii but when they need to animate 2 horses (and very poorly done) it clearly aren't horses around in reality.

The Blonde Girlfriend (cant be bothered to learn her name, awful actress) gets a hold on a radio from a police car up on the mountain and only manages to contact her Boyfriends (Kitsch) boat out on the water, i mean WTF!? At the start of the movie, the leading scientist at NASA present the founding of the ALien planet they later contacts, describing it as "Its not to close to the sun (to hot) or to far away from the sun (to cold) it is in perfect range (like earth) to sustain life" and then it turns out that the Aliens gets REALLY REALLY disoriented by direct sunlight, i mean how could they even evolve as a species if they cant see when the sun is shining? At one point the Aliens shoots their bombs and destroys 2 big military boats, they do this easily and feel very superior. Then they don't do that for the rest of the movie, there are a few things the humans do but they can fire about 100 of those bombs, but fire only 3. Also for no apparent reason.

This list could go on forever but you can find more in other reviews. Talking of other reviews, i see some (probably fake ones) claiming the movie to be funny. If you find ANY scene funny in this movie, i will lose some hope for humanity. There's is a scene at the start where they take the famous youtube video of the guy robbing a liquor store (falling through the roof etc) and pretty much copying it, but yet its not funny.

1/10 And I'm considering emailing IMDb and ask to be able to rate 0 in the future, cause they still earned money on this movie and this is deffently where future movies are heading, sadly.