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It's All about What???, 4 October 2004


Where do you begin on such a film? First thing to point out, if you wish to save yourself £3.50, then read this first.

Several words can sum up this film. 'Pointless' 'Weird' 'Strange' the list would continue until I run out of negative expressions.

It all starts with a character called John, (Joaquin Phoenix) who flies to New York to meet up with his wife called Elena (Claire Danes) . The purpose of the meeting is nothing more then to get divorce papers signed. However he is met by two of his wife's entourage, and he is taken back to her hotel, and is forced to endure a night at the ice skating.

His wife is a world famous figure skater, last time I looked this sport was as popular as synchronized swimming, however for the purposes of the film, it's as popular as the world cup, and she as a sports personality has world wide fame and recognition that David Beckam would be envious off.

Anyway, long story short, she is well past her sale by date in the sport, and her team are replacing her with Elena Clones. Sounds stupid, and is. The reason for this is because without her, they are all unemployed and unemployable (just as they should be as a collective group of actors)

John is clueless to the entire situation until he meets one of the clones wielding a knife at him, and it's only when Elena's Brother called Michael, grows a spine and tells John of the Teams plans.

As for Sean Penn who plays Johns Brother in the film, well I am still trying to understand his part in the overall story, in my opinion Sean Penn is one of the worst actors I have ever seen, and this justified my opinion further.

In conclusion, Elena does not die at the hands of her management team, rather she opts to die with her husband in the middle of nowhere in freezing conditions, so, actually opting for a much more painful prolonged death, (her clones were all shot), her Husband John dies as well, again, freezing to death, her brother Michael also dies in the forest, but he dies alone. We can only assume and hope that Sean Penn's character dies in the plane he is a passenger off, with him ending any possible chance of a sequel.

For those who express such a film as ART, or creative brilliance, you need to lay of the alcohol.

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Wash Out your eyes, 10 June 2004

For anybody else who has sat and watched this, I urge you all to write and complain. I thought the Titanic was bad, so bad that I was routing for the iceberg, but this, this is beyond the limits.

92 minutes of 'What is going on', or 'what is the point 'questions. The truth, no point what so ever.

At least I did not pay to watch this at the cinema; I made the mistake of getting it out on video.

I can honestly say without fear or contradiction, that this film is the worst that I have ever EVER seen, and I have seen a lot.

a complete waste of video tape & time

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Watch Out Wall Street, 10 June 2004

I thought both the book, as well as the film were very good in there own way, the film was not as violent as the book, and also because of the restrictions on air-time, some of the other story lines were left out, that said, Christian Bale plays the roll almost to well and is very convincing to say the least, other characters play there rolls well, and you would wonder if they could afford the original cast again if they were to remake this, Reese Witherspoon now commands a small fortune as would Christian Bale.

A film I only ever saw by accident on a plane to New York , but it's now one that has ended up in my collection , much to the horror of my girlfriend.

A good Film , Even very funny in places, but may not be the best film to put on to impress the other half.