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Do Yaar (1972)
Mediocre B grade movie, 17 October 2015

A very cheesy revenge drama. One guy (Vinod Khanna) who is mad for revenge becomes close friends with the very person he is hoping to kill Shatrughan! How plausible is that! Only in Hindi movies. As usual his sister ends up in a brothel (as was customary in those days, hero's sister only had three options: either get raped, have a kid out of wedlock or be a courtesan at a brothel!).

Rekha is conveniently in a sister-like relation with Shatrughan becomes Vinod Khanna's lover. There is the usual bad rich guy after poor but honorable slum dwellers. And of course our hero duo comes to the rescue!

Generally, if you can leave your thinking cap at home you maybe able to enjoy this flick. But there is nothing great about it. Songs are so- so. Action is pretty fake. Even Rekha is pretty bad. Only Shatrughan Sinha does OK.

The basic premise on which the movie is based is so fake and hollow that there is not much one can do about it.

Man Mandir (1971)
A decent tearjerker from the 70s, 5 October 2015

A poor but honest taxi driver Deepak is the main character. To establish his honesty credential, he destroys a gambling game in progress and then proceeds to lecture his friend on ills of gambling. Pretty quickly he gets married to Krishna (Waheeda Rehman). Another parallel story is that of a jeweler who is rich but honest played by David. His well covered wife who is the butt of all weighty jokes and her clown, loafer brother who does not miss an opportunity to address his bro-in-law as Taklu (baldy) or saale!

One fine day the honest rich guy forgets his bag filled with Rs 10000 in the honest poor guy's taxi. The rest is pretty decent. Lots of sadness. Some comedy. Decent collection of songs. I liked it.

Jeet (1972)
Fun movie with several holes in the story, 23 August 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A brother sacrifices his career for raising his sister. Right from childhood, he becomes a horse carriage driver (tangewala). Marries her sister into a nice family. But what a coincidence! The family's head was allegedly murdered by hero's dad. So the nice family kicks the sister out and she is pregnant, what a shame!

The brother goes berserk and starts beating up folks. Gets jailed for 6 months, what a coincidence! Runs into his father. After realizing that his father was falsely convicted due to a plot conducted by bad guys, the son swears revenge to cure the injustice.

Very flimsy plot to trap the bad guys and make them confess and then everything returns back to normal. Bad guys punished, good guys rewarded, everyone happy.

Randhir Kapoor as tangewala is not very convincing, does not look poor, Babita as nomadic (banjaran), please! Too fake. But the story moves fast. Rajendranath acts his usual stupid self. A few songs are good. The action scenes are OK.

Family values, comedy, action, music, dances, everything is there. Not an outstanding movie but a typical 70s movie. That's when heroes did not touch alcohol, only villains did! Wife from decent home does not divorce even after getting kicked out of the house, she meekly touches her mom-in-law's feet and leaves the house.

If you like stuff like that, then worth watching once.

Samadhi (1972)
Very nice 70s movie, 1 July 2014

I won't repeat the story as other reviewers have described it well. Samadhi signifies the monument constructed by Dharmendra Sr. in memory of his beloved wife.

Dharmendra has acted well as a dacoit turned into a hard working yet unlucky man. The young, modern, dashing Dharmendra is also equally convincing. A very touching story focused on the senior Dharmendra.

Songs are beautiful. Kaata laga, jab tak rahen, jaan-e-jaanaa are all very melodious songs composed by RD. Overall, definitely worth watching once. Asha Parekh, Jaya Bhaduri have done a good job. Villain Madan Puri is passable.

Overall, it's a typical 70s movie. With action, songs, some comedy.

Suddenly (2013)
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Bad direction, 14 February 2014

I loved the situation. A small town, frustrated ex-military cop. But then the movie goes downhill pretty quickly. Story does not move at all. The end seems to be rushed. Climax is really tepid. Predictable and flat dialogs, the characters, especially the villains are not described in enough details. It feels like the director gave up halfway through the movie.

I loved the situation, a small, sleepy, snowy town. But the rest was totally so-so. The story had a great potential. It is sad to see it being wasted like this. The 1954 original was much better.

The actors also did not do justice. Liotta was just OK not very convincing. Erin Karpluk was good. Pidge and his grandpa were better. The rest of the actors were bad.

Mela (2000)
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Really awful!, 8 January 2014

Acting (including Aamir Khan) is either bad or loud or both. The story is not very gripping. Twinkle Khanna sealed her fate as a failed actor with this movie. She has an amazing complexion. But the rest is plain bad. Despite having superstar parents, she does not have any talent as actor. Faizal Khan is boring. Just showing off muscles does not amount to acting. The villains are unreal and ugly. Blatantly plagiarizing the scene from Dumb and Dumber was done badly (I never thought this was possible!). The mela title song is tooooooo long and repetitive. I wonder what was the director thinking?

The whole movie is a waste of time. Not worth watching.

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Just OK, 13 April 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I am not familiar with the history of Serbia and neighboring countries but both the historic aspect and cinematic aspect seem to be poorly handled in this movie. Maybe the producer has some agenda here.

Three people hunting for a dangerous criminal in a dangerous place. Without any planning whatsoever!

Hunt's friend who has pretty much moved on suddenly decides to throw away his career and join Hunt in this wild goose chase! Not at all convincing.

Very weak story. Also portraying Muslims of Bosnia as good folks and Serbians as bloodthirsty scums seems unfair. It's unlikely that in a war things could be so black and white.

Gaddaar (1973)
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Worth watching, 15 November 2012

Solid cast. Pran, Iftekar, Anwar Hussain, Madan Puri, Vinod Khanna, Ranjit all are good. The plot is good. Probably based on some English crime novel. Unlike a typical Hindi movie, there are no clear heroes and villains. There are shades of gray which is unusual and makes the movie worth watching. Also, every character seems to have something special in him in spite of so many of them. Snowy locations are rare in Hindi movies and are spectacular in this.

They have blatantly plagiarized the title music of For a Few Dollars and used it a lot. I am not sure if they gave credit to the original music director. But that shows lack of originality. Although the music suits the movie quite well.

The plot is not easy to guess and makes the movie interesting.

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Beautiful Hema, smart Shashi!, 5 August 2012

The movie is about a young guy who has amnesia. He has trouble finding his identity, his religion, even his name. So he starts following all the religions, uses different name for each too! And then everyone gets angry with him. Because he is not loyal to them!

The director has used amnesia in a very interesting way. He makes the hero teach the philosophy of tolerance using his amnesia. Very imaginative.

Shashi Kapoor has done a good job. He speaks Urdu when he is a Muslim and a different Hindi when he is a Hindu. Very nicely played.

The story has the usual twists and turns and some conflict. Nothing too spectacular. It's a typical 70s family story. Rich people bad, poor people good stuff.

Hema Malini looks really beautiful. One of her early movies. She has played her role well.

One thing is very confusing. As though it is a law, every Christian character in the movie speaks bad Hindi. "hum kaam karane ko nahi sakta" instead of the correct version. Why? Do Christians really speak bad Hindi? Is this really necessary? Why stereotype them so much?

Nasir Hussain, Nadira, even Narendar Nath are OK too.

Songs are decent.

OK. Disappointing end, 5 August 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Has a fairly good depiction of Lucknow's Muslim culture. The dialogs, costumes do appear authentic Urdu. Jeetendra, Mala Sinha, Raj Kumar are good at delivering dialogs and acting.

The story is a love triangle with Raj Kumar playing the role of humble loser.

The first half of the movie is interesting. But later it just loses its grip.

Jeetendra's sudden downfall is somewhat puzzling and abrupt. There is no explanation on why he falls for a tawayaf and why does not repent and return back to his normal life.

Johnny Walker is OK as a comic relief. I only liked one song, the title song.

Mala Sinha looks somewhat old.

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