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Savages (2012)
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going to save you two hours of life(warning contains spoilers), 27 January 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

remember you were warned SPOILER!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!! So the story starts off with this chick telling you a story about her awesome little love triangle explaining how "cool" her boyfriends are one being a bad boy and the other being a pot expert/sensitive guy which is pretty much the only thing she tells you about the relationship anyways so the chick gets kidnapped both the boyfriends get butthurt go looking for her then ends up kidnapping the kidnappers daughter they all meet up it turns into a shoot out everybody dies well pretty much then all of a sudden the movie does a rewind back to the start of the meeting this time instead of everyone dieing they get busted then the bf's get released don't contact the girl they were trying so hard to save and the movie ends kinda seemed like a lame attempt to keep the ending open for a sequel fyi i left a lot of action parts out all and all i don't think the title matached the movie everyone should have died would have actually been savage

ts a pretty funny show except for..., 22 January 2013

I've seen every single season just finished catching up on the most recent season and i have to say i love and hate this show I'll start off with why i dislike it so the story is ted is telling the story of how he met his kids mother he go's on and on about ex after ex the whole time I'm left wondering why the hell he is telling his kids all this? it's been 7 seasons already currently on 8 and they still haven't told you who the mother is it seems like they are just stringing people along with that one concept I'm starting to get sick of it the show should have been called Ted's life story on another note heres why i liked the show All of the characters are funny and full of misadventures you've got the highschool sweethearts, the hopeless romantic, the player, and the career driven crazy party girl some of the side story's are put together really well and good for a laugh or two all and all its a good show but if they don't say who the mother is by the end of the season i will not be watching it anymore because i don't want another "my name is earl" to happen meaning getting cancelled without telling you rhe answer

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cant think of a word horrible enough to describe this show, 21 January 2013

This show lacks everything the jokes are completely played out racist jokes that everyone has heard a 100 times at least the characters are very similar to family guy not to mention all the characters are boring bland and not one bit funny they're all kinda creepy in their own way also somewhat annoying one thing that turned me away from this show right away is tosh.o he's not funny at all hes a guy that takes other peoples video clips puts them all together then hosts a show and plays the clips adding a few stupid jokes here and there then trys to re-act videos because he couldn't come up with an original idea if his life depended on it also he has one of the most annoying voices i have ever heard one last thing id like to add is who's bright idea was it to make a show about a sad group of park rangers that have nothing better to do then make fun of each other? didn't Google maps replace park rangers?

Super (2010/I)
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disgusting and shouldn't have been made, 22 December 2012

every single scene of this movie pretty much made me sick to call this a comedy is an insult the person who made this film is demented i thought if i continued watching this movie then maybe it might get funny but it doesn't to watch an idiot with a mask hit people with a wretch for an hour an a half is not my cup of tea one of the worst parts is in the trailer so i don't consider it a spoiler its when he hits the guy in the movie theater line with a wretch splitting his head then he hits the dudes gf/wife i mean wtf mate how the hell is that funny or super hero like? and what happens to Ellen page is the worst so disgusting i do not recommend this movie to anyone nor do i suggest it

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fake piece of garbage scripted reality gotta love it not:), 19 December 2012

i could not agree more with the other review i will leave it at that anything by Ariel Schulman is not worth watching and his brother sucks just as much i would honestly watch a blank screen over anything created by those two i hate directors that lie if they would be straight up then i wouldn't mind but they lie about everything the movie they made = fake this show = fake paranormal activity boring and a bunch of senseless angles i suggest if you don't feel like wasting your life then don't watch this. and this is something that gos out to the people stupid enough to believe fake profiles online its called a freaking webcam im sory but if someone your talking to says they don't have one or don't know how to use it then obviously they are full of crap and if they do provide you with a webcam then its as simple as getting them to write your name on paper to know that it is real if you fall for fakes your an idiot