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movie is garbage on film, 4 August 2012

This is by far the worst movie I've watched in 20 yrs. This movie has ZERO entertainment value. The only thing worse than the acting is the barely there storyline. The dialog was full of unnecessary F*bombs in a desperate attempt to hold the audience's (I use the word audience loosely as I'm sure that no more than 3 people have ever viewed this movie at the same time) attention. I wanted to turn it off after 10 min but fast forwarded through much of it (don't worry, you won't miss anything if you do) to find out what they were running from. I wasted an hour of my life on this piece of crap and would've had more enjoyment out of burning the $3 I used to rent this poor excuse for a movie. I've watched home movies of my grandparents on the beach that had more depth and intrigue than this debacle. Hope I saved someone, anyone, from wasting time watching The Collapsed.