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Totally Awesome, 24 June 2004

This movie has it all. Action, drama, comedy, suspense. The

movie is non - stop action practically from credits to credits. Will

Smith and Martin Lawrence are at the top of their game in this

movie. Their back and forth banter as Mike Lowry and Marcus are

nonstop hilarity as the two wise cracking Detectives from the first

movie.There are car chases, gun battles and even a love story

thrown in for good measure. Not only do bullets fly but so do a lot

of cars ( not literally ) but if you love action movies this is definitely

one to add to your must see and must have lists. Just for kicks you

even get to see Will and Martin do a little dance number.This

movie is fast paced, action packed and funny as all get out. If you

haven't seen this movie yet go out and rent it or better yet go

straight out and but it, you won't regret it.

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Pretty Women in Skimpy clothes, 18 June 2004

To me this was a shameless display of female flesh. I know most

men will say what's wrong with that! But when I watch a Movie I

want to be entertained by the story and the plot as well as the

scenery. To me this was a way for Demi Moore to show off her

new body. It was like Charlie's Angels meets the Matrix it was

overdone and unbelievable. The story itself was flimsy at best. I

enjoy looking at beautiful women as much as the next guy but at

least let it be in an entertaining way. I mean it is as if the said let's

see how many times can we use our new special effects technology and get away with it. Overall I would call it beautiful

women in tight skimpy clothes with Charlie's Angels as a subplot.I

certainly hope this is the last of Charlie's Angels. I Also hope that

the three ladies will take some much needed acting classes.

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This is a farce, 18 June 2004

To me this movie seemed to be more of a comedy than an action

thriller. The "Bride" survives a point blank gun shot to the head and

spends months in a coma and then when she comes out of the

coma after 13 hours is able to walk and drive. then flies to

Okinawa and demands a sword from a master sword maker and

after one month of practice with the blade is able to take on the

Chinese Mob and 88 master swordsmen with this one sword and

win. I don't think so. Also the blood spray from the wounds are

more in line with what you would see in a Japanese cartoon not in

real life.I did enjoy the movie as a comedy but as an action

adventure film I found it sadly lacking. I thought that as a whole this

movie was lacking any real suspense and was quite predictable.

the action itself was good although unbelievable. I would have like

to see more sword play between the Bride and Oren because I

know that Lucy Liu can handle a sword like the best of them and it

would have been a more exciting finish to it.

Fallen (1998)
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Scary Story Spoiler, 12 June 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Fallen is a great movie and is well written and has superb acting.

the premise of this film is that there are demons or fallen angels

out there that have the ability to take over our bodies and do what

they want with us and to us. For those of us who believe in Angels

and Demons that is a pretty frightening idea to grasp. The movie

begins with us seeing the main character John Hobbs scurrying

through the snow looking for a set of keys in order to escape

certain death. What we don't realize is it is the fallen angel who is

trying to get away from death not John Hobbs. Then we are taken

to the beginning of the story in which John Hobbs becomes a

player in this game. We find out through the course of this movie

that Hobbs is a special Person whom the Fallen angel can't enter

by touch the way he can others. So he ( Azazel the fallen angel )

makes it his goal to ruin John Hobbs's life and enter him another

way. The story proceeds to show us how the demon plans to do

this until we are taken back to the opening scene with John Hobbs

running for the keys. At which time we come to understand that it is

not Hobbs who is afraid of dying but Azazel the fallen angel who is

afraid of dying, Because John Hobbs is nearly successful at killing

him. In the end we see Azazel take possession of a cat and go on


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Brief, 11 June 2004

It's A Wonderful Life is a must see for anyone who has ever thought that their life is going nowhere because it gives you a chance to see how many lives can be affected by just one person. You should see the original B&W version because it is the best.

George Bailey is is a wonderful character because you really get to know him. His hopes and dreams, his aspirations, even the way he hates his small town existence. You really get to fall in love with this character and root for him to succeed. It reaffirms to us that one life can make a difference. It is a must have for anyone who calls themselves a film buff. Also if this film doesn't bring tears to your eyes by the end you better see a doctor because something is wrong with your heart! That is my opinion anyway.

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Concise, 11 June 2004

The Return Of The King is a stunning cinematic Journey that takes us to the end of a marvelous story. The greatest trilogy ever written in my opinion and should be enjoyed in novel form as well as in cinema form. The cinematography and sets are breathtaking. the screenplay is as true to the novel as a screenplay can be, and the characters are so believable that you will swear that hobbits exist.

the visual and special effects will leave you in awe. The actors were superb in their handling of the characters especially the actor who portrayed Gollum. His take on that character could not have been done more vividly If Tolkien himself had directed it. The entire trilogy is a must have for anyones collection who calls themselves a Tolkien fan or a fan of great cinema.

Spoiler, 11 June 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The Return Of The Jedi is the best in the trilogy in my opinion because we see the characters come of age so to speak. They come full circle in there travels and everything comes to a head.

Luke is now a Full Fledged Jedi Knight and is now ready to take down his father without having to kill him, Princess Leah admits her love of Han Solo and Luke is able to turn his father back to the good side and the empire has fallen. All the characters are well developed, the story has continuity and the special effects are out of this world ( pardon the Pun ). Composer John Williams Has again outdone himself with a stand alone score. Beautifully written and composed. George Lucas just keeps getting better with every film he makes. Also Industrial Light and Magic has become a stand alone company all it's own. You can definitely see a strong background in mythology in this film. Also a strong spiritual background as well.

on the money, 11 June 2004

Star Wars was one of the greatest movies of all time in my humble opinion. As a 13 year old I saw the movie 9 times while it was in the theater and I have watched it over 250 times since it came out on video. It was the film that made me fall in love with science fiction films. The story was an old one. Unknown boy saves damsel in distress and must face impossible odds to do so. George Lucas is obviously a fan of mythology because there is so much of it throughout this film. The characters are well developed and believable. The special effects are top notch and the soundtrack is awesome. There is really nothing bad I can say about this film. For anyone who has not seen this film it is a must see if you like good movies.

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merely observations, 9 June 2004

I thought the movie was funny but I believe Jim Carey did carry the movie. There are not enough well developed characters in the movie so it is hard to really care about them at all or have a sense of who they are because all you get are glimpses of characters. I love the fact that they had a black actor play the part of God because so many times he is assumed to be a white man with a long flowing white beard and it is good to break stereotypes. Also I can imagine that many of us might react the same way in the beginning if we were bestowed with the powers of the almighty.

The key thing to remember is as they said in the movie that we all have free will, and how does God get people to love Him when there is free will to contend with. For that matter how does any of us get someone to love us? You have to get to know that person first right? How do you get to know God? Just a thought to ponder.

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They will be brief and to the point., 8 June 2004

I thought that the movie was very well written and directed.

The drama and the action were done just right, not overly done one way or the other. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the film and would like to add it to my collection as soon as is possible. I thought Harrison Ford did a wonderful job portraying his character as did Tommy Lee Jones. The story line was easy to follow and it kept you riveted to find out what was going to happen next. The characters were well developed and easy to identify with. I thought it was an edge of your seat thrill ride the entire time and found myself rooting for several of the characters in the movie. If you enjoy action, drama, and suspense you are going to love this movie!