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Having mentioned John Carpenter being my number 1 direction earlier in my Walter Hill list, I felt it was time I composed a list of my top 10 John Carpenter movies.
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Walter Hill is a directer that has grown on me over the years and despite not being my absolute favourite (that goes to John Carpenter), he does come a very close second. Here is my personal top 5 and I urge you to watch these if you already haven't, you will not be disappointed!

I must stress, I've not watched many of his 70's output so my choices may be centered around his 80's and 90's output.
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If you find yourself climbing the walls and going insane at just the sight of Twilight year in, year our, I provide you all with a list of movies I find to be far more superior to the trash being forced down our necks.

I know that practically every film you could think of is better than Twilight but that's besides the point, lets enjoy ourselves as we delve into my personal favourites from the 1980's. This list is not in order of superiority, simply a collection of films worthy of some attention