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Excellent Show Watch it, 20 June 2004

When young kids have no money and their cars are about to fall apart. Look no further than Xzibit to the rescue. He takes beat up cars and pimps em. From new interior, sound systems, and they even put in a waterfall in one of the cars! Mad mike, ish, and all the other guys are great people who can work on cars really well. Its cool to see someone smile when they thought their car was never gonna work. One girl had a "bubbly" personality and they made bubbles come out of her exhaust, one guy had surgery and had to drink a lot of water and they installed a mini water bottle in the back of his seat. One time they installed a photolab in the car and the picture came out of the arm rest. Its a great show watch it, It comes on Sunday at 9:30/8:30 central during the Sunday stew on MTV.