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List of films & TV shows which were adapted from a comic book originally published in North America (ie, no comic strips) with no comic books which were themselves adapted from another medium (ie, Green Hornet, the Shadow).
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These films are not quite ready for my second-best list, but still easily recommended to the curious.
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Having listed my favourite, second-favourite and third-favourite films, why not my fourth-favourites? I would handily recommend anything on this list for at least one viewing!
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My ever-changing list of favourite feature-length motion pictures.
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I don't pretend these movies are perfect, but they're near-perfect - which, in their own way, makes them as fascinating to me as my top-ranked favourites.
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Every VHS tape & DVD in my collection, arranged in order of first release. I've also included data on where I first watched the film, where my current copy hails from. Films I hadn't seen before owning are marked "sight unseen."
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Films which were adapted into the comic book medium; this does not include comic books which were adapted into the film medium (obviously), nor comic books which used similar source material (ie, comic book adaptations of Tod Browning & Francis Ford Coppola's Dracula films are included, comic book adaptations of Stoker's Dracula novel are not), nor comic book prequels & sequels.
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A radio program which ran from 1949-1951, Screen Directors Playhouse adapted many popular films into audio drams, usually reuniting cast members from the original and even bringing back the original director for commentary. Virtually every broadcast is still available in the public domain.
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Skits on the radio version of the Jack Benny Program frequently satirized popular films - albeit, with only the loosest parallels to their source material. This list is for my fellow Benny fans; air dates are provided in case you care to track them down. Curtain! Music.
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A list of Warner Bros. pictures from 1926 (debut of Don Juan, their first semi-sound film) to 1956 (the year Jack L. Warner infamously betrayed his brother out of the business). Not included are shorts, pre-1929 First National pictures or pictures which were distributed but not produced by the Warners.
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Lasting just through 1946, Academy Award Theatre was a half-hour radio program which dramatized films which had won or been nominated for an Academy Award (or were at least in close proximity to an Academy Award). The series is of interest mainly to hear some famous actors reenact some of their best performances.
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Movies whose soundtracks I've added to my collection.
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The Lux Radio Theater aired from 1934-55. Occasionally adapting plays, the series' focus for most of its run was in adapting feature films to radio, often with members of the original cast recreating their parts. Many of these broadcasts still exist; because Lux was a popular and influential program, I think this list is an interesting snapshot of what was considered worthy of adaptation (and by omission, what was not).
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Listed here are films where my own rating varies from the average IMDB rating by at least +2/-2 (some as much as six stars). Some of these films may be favourites of mine... some certainly are not. Caveat emptor.
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A list of my favourite television programs, mini-series and some outstanding particular episodes.
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A list of stories dramatized on Escape (1947-54) in the various versions they appeared as in film and TV. (this list does not include Robert of Huntington or the Voyages of Sinbad; Robin Hood & Sinbad have each been dramatized numerous times, but I'm unaware of versions similar to the radio episodes)