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a list of 130 titles
A list of all the movies & video games HISHE made a spoof of.
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The 40 movies I want to see most in 2017.
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A list of movies I've seen in 2017, as well as what potential KohOscar categories they could be nominated for.
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a list of 53 titles
a list of 34 titles
A list of every DreamWorks movie
a list of 33 titles
Live Action Only
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a list of 138 titles
a list of 53 titles
All animated Disney films
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The episodes in order of River's Life
a list of 23 titles
All of the new Doctor Who TV Series episodes ranked nine stars or higher on IMDb.
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a list of 13 people
A list of all the actors who have played The Doctor within the official canon. This excludes all spoofs, parodies, & voice actors.
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a list of 162 titles
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a list of 247 titles
A partial list of known Christian movies
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a list of 62 titles
The Movies aren't in order of rating, they're ordered in chronological order. If you want the full list go to this link:
a list of 25 characters
a list of the top 50 Marvel and DC superheroes and villains.