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List of DOCUMENTARY FILMS that either look really good, or focus/include content of interest... *{Item DATE of RELEASE is Irrelevant to List}
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TV SHOW'S & FILMS that are currently IN-PRODUCTION or DEVELOPMENT! Titles in this List are generally far from finished; ranging anywhere from Internet-Rumors & Possible-Projects >Current Production> When initially added to this list, there are often missing sections, and/or info that's still "unknown", kept-secret, or "TBD"... Fortunately, Updates & more Details will be added during production; (unless the project is cancelled or abandoned) and hopefully all will Be Released or Air, at some-point in the not-so-distant Future!... The TRUE OPINION, Whether or Not the "Final Cut", is an Epic Award-Winner, OR an Over-Hyped Disaster, can ONLY BE DETERMINED the number next to YOUR Blue-Star! ...but with a little luck, a title in THIS list will be the newest 10 in YOURS! **{CheckUp On any Title within this List, to find any Production Developments, Updates, and (most importantly), The Release Date!!}** _________REMOVE TITLES ONCE TRAILER/TICKETS AVAILABLE |
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ALL TELEVISION SHOW/SERIES that I Have Watched or Want to Watch... Created as an attempt to compile a & evolving REFERENCE of Shows/Series encompass...
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Use this list when Searching for new Torrents...

*[POST-| DVD-Release or Series AIR-Date]
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Random LIST of MOVIES + SHOWS: all either Shot, Created, Written, Directed, or Produced BY: FILM-MAKING LEGENDS!! {INCLUDING, but not limited to} <Christopher/Jonathan Nolan> <Martin Scorsese> <Guy Richie> <Quentin Tarantino> <
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My Favorite TV Shows of All Time
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My Favorite Films of All-Time! [Semi-Organized by Quality & Personal Opinion]
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List of the Best Directors & Producers [semi-organized by my favorites]
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List of my Favorite Actors, kind of Organized by Talent and Opinion