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Updated and redone.

I did the movies that were on the top ten box office on the weekend that movie came out.

NOTE: The movies that weren't screened for critics are not included.

Oh, and 3D rereleases of certain movies don't count either.
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Saving Jenny is a US/UK romantic coming-of-age dramedy that talks about two English women (one's a chef, the other is an actress) and how their lives are interwoven. They're both separated and insecure, but with the help of their friends, they could find love in a matter of time.

3 hours 40 minutes (220 minutes)
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A period drama about how the 19th Amendment was ratified as seen from the eyes of various women in 1920. The tone of this movie will be less romanticized and more realistic, unlike other period pieces.

From 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros. Pictures
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