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A cool look into a very cool movie
2 October 2006
Before I review this let me just make something abundantly clear. I'm biased towards this movie. I've been spellbound from it ever since it played in the theaters back in 1997. I've seen it well over 100 times and am an avid collector of everything Event Horizon.

Whew! OK, now onto the review. The title of this feature can be misleading. It has the exact same title as an HBO special that aired in 1997. However this is not that feature. The 1997 HBO special was about 25 minutes long with interviews with cast and crew and some clips not seen anywhere else, including this new feature.

But this new one, found on the Event Horizon special collector's edition is a real joy. As zamise outlined it previously it's made of a number of chapters, each with dizzying amounts of trivia and behind the scenes fun. Even die hards like me learned things from it.

While Paul W.S. Anderson continues to be hounded by dimwits, this is a great look into his greatest achievement and even those Anderson bashers are bound to find themselves entranced by this new DVD.
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Tanz der Kürbisköpfe (1996 Video)
Dance of the Pumpkinhead
8 February 2005
The translation of this early Bethmann work is Dance of the Pumpkinhead. Although the copy I saw was all in German I was able to get this story from it. A killer who wears a jack-o-lantern kills people, who come back to life as psychos to continue the murders. If that sounds stupid, you would be right. Although I consider myself a gorehound I found this movie to be a chore to endure. Nothing happens for the first forty minutes and when it does, it's pretty darn hokey. Bethmann must have bought a fog machine prior to making this film and it's pretty obviously. It's as if he wanted us to see "how cool" it was since most night scenes have wisps of fog shooting through them constantly. This is one you can easily pass on but for fans of bad German gore flicks I suppose you'll want to add this to you want list.
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August Underground (2001 Video)
one of the harshest movies in existence
7 June 2004
Only the very hardest viewers need apply to this indie. It is the absolute closest thing to genuine snuff you will ever see. Far more unsettling and realistic than the over hyped Guinea Pig series. Obviously without the use of a simple tripod August Underground assaults the senses from the first minute to the last. The movie comes off as something found stowed away in the recesses of a twisted serial killer's private collection of home videos because the basic plot is two college aged psychos tape their carnage. The acting is amazingly real, the effects are nightmarish. What makes it so realistic is the amateur way it comes off, ironically. With bad blips of home editing, camera shots up in the air and unsteady and the absence of any opening credits it's hard to believe what you are seeing is a full fledged movie. The camera person never makes an appearance but his sick laughing at his victims along with childish banter with the one killer we do see makes this feel like a homemade episode of Jackass that enters the zone of murder.

This is not a movie that most people would be able to handle. It takes a strong stomach and a numbed mind for this truly is one of the most extreme and violent pieces ever to make it to video.
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Vase de noces (1974)
sick and twisted
6 June 2004
Consider me a fan of the more fringe and extreme movies in circulation. I guess it's more of a curiosity factor than a genuine fondness for the grotesque. That very curiosity is what lead me to watch this movie. I'll say right off that there is almost nobody that would find this "enjoyable" and anybody that does needs to be locked up. But it is definitely a movie that lives up to its reputation. There's no spoken language and the picture is shoddy black and white. The only soundtrack consists of everyday farm noises and organ music that sounds like Ned from South Park singing while drowning in a tub of grease. Yes, it's that weird. Then we get to the actual "plot". A lone farmer with a bestiality fetish rapes a sow on his farm only to confront the offspring, his emotions about the sow, and a horribly disgusting habit of drinking tea made from his own sewage! No reasons are ever given to the man's motives and nothing is ever explained. For example why does this guy enjoy putting doll heads on pigeons? But as far as the sicko movies goes it deserves a high spot. If you watched Salo: 120 Days of Sodom and shook it right off this may be your next conquest although for the life of me I don't know why anybody would purposefully seek this out. Then again I did so nevermind.
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