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not better than the 1st but a very good sequel, 2 August 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

wrong turn 2 dead end isn't better than the first movie but is a very good sequel. although being direct to DVD the movie was a lot better than most of slasher horror movies thats been out in cinemas for the past 10 years no lie. another thing i like about wrong turn 2 better than wrong turn 1 is that they had much more likable characters than the 1st.

the plot is a decent plot but could have been thought of better but still fun to watch. the plot is a group of people are competing to win a reality show including Nina, Jake ,Amber ,Jonesy and last but 100% not least Elena. where they are in the woods home to the hillbillies. so it the deaths start happening 1 by 1.

but the same problem that was wrong with the 1st is that you knew the surviours from the beginning and you knew who was going to die next.

i liked this movie because it has a lot of laughs and disgusting deaths more graphic than the 1st.

just because its a straight to DVD does not mean the movie ist good i thought it was a really good sequel. 6/10

Wrong Turn (2003/I)
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good horror movie., 2 August 2012

wrong turn is a good horror movie which doesn't take its self to seriously which is good thing considering its not a fantastic movie.

the plot is interesting starts of with Chris riding a car threw the woods and a group of 5 other people Jessie, Carly ,Scott ,Evan and Francine take a wrong turn like said in the title. so one car drives over a barbwire leaving the car to crash into the other car. so 4 people decide to look for help around the woods. while the other 2 stay and are the first to be murdered by the inbred hillbillies. the other 4 don't know what just happened until they go in an abandoned house where they are forced to hide because the house that there in belongs to the hillbillies. however they are shocked to see there friend Franchine laying there dead so they make a desperate bid for escape where they are forced to run threw the woods where the hillbillies want them to go. then the movie starts from there.

wrong turn isn't a master piece but a fun horror movie. although saying that it was VERY VERY predictable Fromm start to finish i mean you knew who the 2 survivors were going to be from the start of the movie. thats not to say wrong turn isn't a funny film that isn't good.

please give this movie a try its a good slasher film which has good acting from unknown actors. 7star

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His name was Jason, and today is his birthday, 1 August 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Friday the 13th is your average horror slasher movie. there were a lot of scears throughout, although most deaths were very predictable and most scenes.

the plot is good but again they could have thought of something different from the original. so it starts of with 5 unknown actors/actresses camping in the area where Jason died 12 years ago. then one loser decides to go of and explore the camp looking for weed. where his time is up when he gets a unlucky visitor JASON. later on a couple is having sex when one hears a strange noise outside so decides to check it out,leaving his girlfriend in the tent where she is murdered by Jason. another couple then decide to go into Jason's house where one is murdered and the girl gets away in time coming back to the camp to see all her friends dead. then Jason arrives in the camp and keeps her hostage in the bottom of his house. see all this stuff is very predictable and all this happened in the first 20 Min's.

later on another group of people arrive at camp crystal lake including Jenna (Danielle Panabaker) Trent (Travis Van Winkle) Bree (Julianna Guill) Lawrence (Arlen Escarpeta) and Chewie ( Aaron Yoo ) where there enjoying their self until they start to disappear 1 by 1 little knowing there getting Murdered 1 by 1.

Friday the 13th is a good movie, but at some scenes in the movie i got really board and thinking why am i still watching it.

thats not to say Friday the 13th wasn't good and didn't have its good scenes and its good one liners. what i found really freaky is how Jason gets round the woods so quick to commit another one of his murders.

overall Friday the 13th was a okay horror movie with very attractive ladies. i wouldn't recommend this to any one who's expecting a fantastic horror movie.

okay movie., 1 August 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

freddy vs jason is a okay movie providing a few scares but the movie itself didn't feel like it was taking its self seriously. the cast was okay nothing fantastic. i must admit Kelly Rowland wasn't bad but could have been a lot better to be honest.

the plot is really simple like it says in the name FREDDY VS JASON. there both killing teenagers such as ... Lori Campbell (Monica Keena)

Will Rollins (Jason Ritter) Kia Waterson (Kelly Rowland) Mark (Brendan Davis ).

so the deaths were okay i mean i thought they were going to be imaginative but they were the same salt of deaths jason and freddy would do in their own movies.

the acting from the teens were okay but like i said could have been much better. also for a big film like this i would have thought they would have got some well known actors/actresses but it was names i haven't heard of before.

i must admit there were a few jump scars with both freddy and jason but nothing that interesting you could remember over and over agen.

the fight wasn't that great they wasted so much time leading up to the fight with th un funny one liners.

overall freddy vs jason wasn't that good, if you ask me a waste of time and money.

*No one leaves the house alive*, 1 August 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

when i first watched house on haunted hill i was scared outta my pants. even tho it was quite predictable it still has a few surprises around the corner. without a dough house on haunted hill is one of the scariest films of the slasher films.

the plot is well thought of but abit confusing............ Stephen H. Price ( Geoffrey Rush) is a millionaire married to Evelyn Stockard-Price (Famke Janssen ). Evelyn decides her next birhtday is to take place in a house which is believed to be called house on haunted hill. mainly because of the terrifying past events that has happened there, murdering doctors getting murdered if that makes any sense.

so he invites a couple of strangers to come and join the horror party including Eddie Baker (Taye Diggs) Sara Wolfe ( Ali Larter ) Blackburn ( Peter Galagher ) and last but by no means least Melissa Margaret Marr (Bridgette Wilson-Sampras)

Stephan offers the strangers 1,0000 dollars to stay for the night, but they don't know that they will be stalked and in some cases murders by the ghosts of house on haunted hill. Watson Pritchett ( Chris Kattan ) who owns the house knows the house is haunted by the doctors who met deaths door there but decides to keep it a secret till its to late- the house turns to look down barricading all the doors windows which means no one leaves the house alive.

i must say i was surprised that the action did start of very early on in the film. but i was even more surprised when very early on in the film it had a cliff hanger waiting to know if Malissa survived when the rest of the crew here her loud, frightening screams form half way across the house. that was a really good idea very early on in the movie.

but after that house on haunted hill starts to slowly but surely go downhill. with every one splitting up knowing the house is after them dumb idea. but the biggest twist of all is when Evelyn kills Blackburn because she turns out to be a psycho. then when she meets her death i was wondering whats the point of watching this movie now?.

the massive let down is the film is the big black ghost thing which is full of CGI which i had to laugh at that.

but i also knew from the beginning who the survivors were going to be. BIG SPOILER Sara and Eddie were the surviours from the beginning.

overall house on haunted hill delivers a lot of scares, jokes but fails to keep that feeling throughout the whole movie. i would however recommend this to a horror fan. 6star

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twice the terror twice the teeth............please who are they kidding, 29 July 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

piranha 3dd is a sequel to the average movie piranha 3d.

even tho the first film was not a master piece, this film makes it look like it was. they have the most stupid actors/actresses i have ever came across, the film itself was stupid not funny and looked really fake.

they said twice the teeth- i knew that would be a lie considering there in a water park full of children not a spring break in a lake.

twice the gore- what a lie you didn't see hardly anything except people swimming in blood.

twice the terror- 110% no NO no it wasn't scary no jump scenes.

they even had a dream sequence WHAT THE HELL this isn't nightmare on elm street.

i was looking forward to this, seen as the ending of the first film ended in a cliff hanger. NO MENTION WHAT SO EVER so we didn't know if they survived the first film.

overall this trash deserves a 3star avoid this if your expecting laughter and to be thrilled and entertained.

Piranha 3D (2010)
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gore,funny,sex, 29 July 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

piranha 3d is a good movie that doesn't take itself to serious like shark night 3d and i must say what a mess of a movie, but piranha 3d is a fun,gory, and sexy movie especially with Kelly broke and the unknown blonde actress.

the plot of this movie is pretty simple. for 2 million years piranhas have been trapped in under ground lake, till a old man is fishing and no matter how many times i watch this movie i still don't under stand how he let them escape, anyway they escape eat him then spread to spring break where the sexy teens including Kelly broke are the perfect meal for the piranhas who are HUNGREY.

i would say it does take abit of time to get to the real action but it was worfit. it had plenty of gore, sex and the movie it self was fun.

i must admit at some points in the movie i did get abit board but i guess thats what you have two expect for a piranha movie.

a let down in this movie was that the only character that you actually didn't wont to get eaten by the piranhas is Kelly Brooke simply because she was the only likable character sadly right neeer the end it was her time to go.

overall this movie does not take its self to serious which i like considering it wasn't a great movie, but its a fun watch abit of gore will be the perfect movie for you and your friends. 6/10star

good movie if you haven't seen the original, 29 July 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

nightmare on elm street 2010 isn't as bad as people make it out to be i mean it really wasn't the best horror movie far from it. but it delivers a lot of scars.

nightmare on elm street was a good movie to watch up to 42 mins i mean when Katie cassidy character was killed of (WAY TO EARLY ON IN THE FILM) the movie just starts to go slowly but down hill. we didn't see Nancy have her own scene till there was only her and a unknown actor left and for a person who hast seen the original really annoyed me. but i promise you will enjoy the first 50 mins of the film because it has so many jump scares that my heart was actually hoping that the characters got away in time.also nightmare on elm street 2010 was not predictable at all i couldn't see what was coming it was full of suspense and big surprises.

but i could under stand for people who are a big fan of the original wouldn't like the new one because of the new Freddy and to be having to get used to all the new changes.

nightmare on elm street 2010 was a fun and decent movie for horror fans it depends on your SALT of taste to be honest u either like it or you don't.

overall nightmare on el street 2010 deserves a 5/10 because in my opinion Katie cassidy was the best actor in the movie out of the teens Freddy was killing so she shouldn't of been killed in the first 30 mins.

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not better than the first 2 but defo better than 3 and 4, 29 July 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

final destianiton 5 starts of with Sam and his mates on a coach. I'm very glad that this final destination gave us time to like the characters and to get to know them a little bit more before they actually died.

so Sam has a premonition that the bridge was going to collapse and him and his friends were going to die. so his vision comes true and history repeats its self for a 5th time and saves his friends that were meant to die on the bridge but they cheated death.

even from the first ten minuets i liked this better than final destination 3 and the final destination because it had a better cast for a start and has a much better build up to the big distatser.

but then again its the same stuff that happens in the first 4 movies the people who was saved from the bridge are going to die anyway in the order they were meant to die on the bridge.

when the end comes i was very surprised and it was a well thought threw ending.

BIG SPOILER the ending involves Sam and his girl friend on a plane on there way to Paris ring any bells. so he sees a boy that had a premontion that the whole plane was going to explode ALEX the boy from the first final destination. so Sam and his girlfriend die for not getting of the plane.

final destination 5 was a well done movie that earned the respect that was needed after the dreadful embarrassing final destianiton 3 and 4

a well earned 6/10

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the worst final destination movie by far....................., 29 July 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

THE final destination starts of with a group of friends visiting a race car track. until nick has a promotion that the cars were going to crash and start killing people thats part of deaths list. so his premonition comes to life and he saves a group of people that were meant to die.

when nick saves the charceters i didn't actually care who was going to die first or last because not one was entertaining.

the biggest thing that got on my case about this movie is that it only shows the other characters when its actually there turn to die. which was a real disappointment because the characters were stupid actors but at least give us time to kinda get used to them.

lemme just get down to the point THE FINAL DESTINATION was by far the worst in the series by far and i don't know why this was even thought about. a disappointing 2star

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