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I enjoyed this movie.., 15 April 2006

Watching this version of the story inspired me to reread the source material, ie the Bible..again. This movie was not about entertainment so much as conveying what I thought was a fair rendering of the original story. Dougray Scott's portrayal seemed more consistent with Moses'uncertainty faced with the task given to him. I have always enjoyed the 1956 film and indeed liked Ben Kingsley's performance in 1996, however this one seemed to convey a "reality" not seen in other versions. It's obviously difficult for modern people to ever comprehend the lives of people 3000 years ago..our roots so to speak...I'm happy I got a chance to see this film, which I would describe as an experience...

Curse of the Ring (2004) (TV)
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I wish they kept the original TITLE!, 31 March 2006

It was by accident that I happened upon this movie on the sci/fi channel and realized what the story was really about- I enjoyed it very much and purchased the DVD after seeing it. I do wish the DVD was the original, however instead of the edited version. I am a major supporter of the new Beowulf and Grendel film by Sturla Gunnarson and think it's of interest that Nordic tales are making a comeback. We are definitely in need of some heroic myths that demonstrate the dichotomy/conflict inherent in these stories- That the human experience is not black versus white extremes- but all the colors in between..Finally I actually get the basic story of Siegfried and the ring of the Nieblungs..and I want to find out the rest of the story!

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Extremely talented Emma Thompson!, 18 February 2006

Wonderful actress and fantastic screenwriter! Telling a story on several levels, one for everyone- the kids, the parents, the nanny's- the audience. I loved it, especially the casting through out- serious tragic actors playing funeral home sidekicks, delightful Colin Firth-as the frazzled Dad..and the kids were perfect! A very refreshing and entertaining change of pace from murder and mayhem, prevalent on the screens lately. A nice dose of magic is what going to the movies should be about. Now I can't wait for it to come out on DVD and see it again-On reflection I realized that Nanny Mcphee had lessons for the Dad, Evangeline and other characters,too!

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Just watched Season 3-, 7 November 2005

My sister who lives in Minnesota, told me about this series after she started getting at the library.. I got Season 1 & 2 for her birthday, watched them and pre-ordered Season 3.. Everyone in my family now is watching it-that would be Minn, Washington state, and Florida. My Dad was a B-17 pilot during WWII, both he and my mother really enjoy this story. One really bonds with the characters and the added plus of learning about wartime Britain is fascinating. I highly recommend this series-really good stories and history too. Each DVD seems to have an extra about the actual events that take place in the story. More and more I find I am looking towards the UK, for quality entertainment both in movies and TV..Hope they keep it coming!

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$60 in gas- worth every penny!, 12 October 2005

I afforded myself the opportunity to see this movie since it was showing in the same hemisphere I live in and I write this in hopes that somehow Cyb space thoughts will be transmitted to those who distribute movies. My hope is that others will be able to see this version of an ancient tale that holds so much relevance to the world we live in without having to leave their country to do it. Though I have to say Canada, in particular Vancouver is beautiful! I have never done so much homework before seeing a movie- re-read the poem Beowulf, read John Gardner's book GRENDEL and read many of the very clear statements at the Beowulf and Grendel website by the screenwriter- Andrew Berzins, who indicated that this story had been passed around for possibly centuries in the oral tradition and this was just one more possible version. So much of Western Civilization's history has come to us written down by Christian men and as such carries a certain bias. This is simply a GOOD story told with some interesting twists, fantastic landscape, and superlative acting. Provides an excellent forum to think about what does the heroic myth really refer to, and maybe we should rethink the concept of pairs of opposites-good/evil, black/white, innocent/guilty, beauty/ugliness, sane/insane.. I have a feeling that someday mankind will figure out that we are actually both sides at different times and respect that in each other. Very thought provoking movie that I hope to see in my neighborhood theater soon!

Iron Jawed Angels (2004) (TV)
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I won't forget to vote again-, 28 March 2005

I just finished watching this movie on DVD, I heard about it but I don't get HBO so I had to wait. It was outstanding! Amazing that such events as depicted here occurred less than 100 years ago in our country. Interesting I distinctly do not remember this being covered in my American History classes in school. I believe Wilson was always portrayed as a great president- I think I need to review his record. Of course I realize that one has to try and grasp the era that is being portrayed- this movie does it very well- through the eyes of varying characters- young activists women, a factory worker, and society women. I believe this film should be required watching for all young American students..For that matter I wish many had watched it before last year's elections- maybe 53 million did!

Attila (2001/I) (TV)
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May not be accurate but still good!, 28 March 2005

Admittedly, this movie may not be accurate, however it did encourage me to look up the actual history..Meanwhile, it was my first introduction to the actor Gerry Butler, for which I am very thankful..I look forward to watching other movies he makes..This movie as well as the subsequent ones, ie Phantom of the Opera, Timeline, Dear Frankie, even Dracula 2000, I think show how much this guy puts into his roles.. I feel he shows real depth to whatever character he portrays- heh- he made me sympathetic to Attila the Hun! Actually I read somewhere that they still celebrate Attila's Birthday in Hungary.. If one puts the story in a historical perspective I believe one could make an argument that our History might have been different if he had prevailed.. The Roman Catholic influence was not all roses..

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Dear Frankie, 7 March 2005

Hollywood needs to take notice of the subtlety and understatement in this film and how well it works..Perfectly cast and beautifully shot this movie is a GEM - that I hope more audiences can enjoy than just select cities..It led me to go out and buy other movies with Emily Mortimer, I've Lovely and Amazing, Young Adam.. I already had been following Gerry Butler's career since his awesome performance in Phantom of the Opera.. The cinematography certainly adds Scotland to my need to go there list. I understand this film was well received at Cannes and some of the other Art Festivals..It really makes me curious to follow Independent Films with more interest..