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Blackfish (2013)
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A must-see!, 30 July 2013

This is a thought-provoking documentary on Tilikum, an Orca that has been at Sea World since 1983 and who is responsible for the death of 3 people (2 of his trainers, and 1 man who snuck into his tank). This is a film about the horrors that these animals go through being kept in captivity for our pleasure and the latest film to showcase how horrible Sea World can be for the very animals it claims to protect, oh the irony.

If you thought watching 'The Cove' was difficult, I suggest you take tissues if you plan on seeing this. 2 days later and I still can't stop thinking about this movie or get rid of some of the images and sounds shown.

I highly recommend this doc. Go see it with an open mind, I guarantee that you will never see captivity the same way again.

"If you were in a bathtub for 25 years, don't you think you'd get a little psychotic?!"

The Purge (2013/I)
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Cool concept, horrible execution, 10 June 2013

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Well we have a new contender for the #1 spot in my Worst Films of 2013. There is so much wrong with 'The Purge' that I don't know where to begin.

The performances were dismal and most of the casting choices were questionable, at best. The only actors who I think carried their roles well were the two that portrayed Charlie Sandin and the Bloody Stranger. I am sorry to say that I did not like Ethan Hawke's character at all in this movie.

The concept for this film was promising but what I saw on screen was not what I expected. This is nothing but a home invasion movie, think The Strangers, except that here murder is not only legal but government sanctioned once a year. What should have been a film about suppressing one's animalistic urges becomes quite the joke. It attempts to be intelligent but falls extremely short of that. Why in a world where purging is legal and you could potentially become someone's target, would you not learn how to shoot or defend yourself? How can you not learn to not only protect yourself but also teach your loves ones how to defend themselves as well? How do you work as a salesman for a home defense company and don't know that your product is virtually crap? Why would you not have a backup plan in case of emergencies given your field of employment? Why was the daughter more worried about her boyfriend that her father who he tried to kill?

And for those complaining about the ending, I quite liked it myself. I don't think movies, especially those of this genre, have to have a 'happily ever after' and really, by this point of the film I really wanted James Sandin dead.

This film had so much potential but was unfortunately poorly executed!

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Nice family movie just in time for the holidays!, 10 November 2011

I gave this a 9 because, for once, 3D worked extremely well in a movie. Beautiful content once you put those glasses on! Now for the movie. A nice new twist on the Happy Feet story (I personally didn't enjoy the 1st one as much as this one). Pink did a wonderful job as Gloria but somehow I still missed Brittany Murphy's voice. Great casting done on film and it was nice to meet new characters. My favorites were Will & Bill Krill (played by Brad Pitt and Matt Damon) who in my opinion quite stole the show! My daughters (both teenagers) really liked it so it works for all ages and we all left the theater quite happy after seeing it.

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A well thought out film, 26 June 2008

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I took my thirteen year old daughter to see this movie last night and it was a decision well made on my part.

This was part of the Los Angeles Film Festival so we had a DJ and a band from the U.K. playing before the screening (nice way to keep up with the movies' "theme"). They also gave out buttons with all the different stereotypes that are portrayed in the movie (Geek, Jock, Mean Girl, Slut, Freak, etc).

This movie is a pretty good view into what high school is all about. There was the "bitch", the rich spoiled little girl that got what she wanted, when she wanted it. The "Jock" who's life is sports since he was raised with that purpose in life. The "Nerd" who plays in the band and spends time playing video games and wishing for a girlfriend, the "Freak" who was unlike everyone else in her small town. Sounds pretty standard right? But the difference with this film is that it showed another side to these teens. The bitch had her weak spot (and a surprising one it is), the jock breaks down in tears at one point, the nerd gets the girl and loses the girl, and the freak shows that there is more to her than meets the eye (as corny as that may sound). The movie is not a sermon but actually a realistic glimpse into the lives of these teens without judging them (this is left to the audience to do or not do).

They also use animation in parts of the films that I TRULY enjoyed, especially the one for Hannah. This is something that some will enjoy while others may not. In my opinion it only added depth to what the characters were describing at the time.

Judging by the "ohhhhh's" and "awwwww's" in the crowd this film really pulls you in and the characters are some that you will either come to love or come to hate, and this my friend is what makes any movie great!