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Good movie...for making fun of
27 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I gave this movie 4 out of 10 stars. I gave it this number because 4 is the number of years of material with which I can make fun of this movie. In all honesty, the dancing was fun and really good, but that is where the "magic" ended. Apparently, the "screenwriter," if she even deserves that title, thought that TWO SEPARATE CHARACTER PLOT LINES were in need of the phrase "you and me against the world." I really am not lying when I say that two different characters, who were connected only through the male lead and literally spoke about five words to each other the entire movie, used this cliché separately in different points in the movie and directed towards different characters. I am baffled as to why this phrase was even used at all because twice is twice too many.

I have so much more to say about this film but I am, unfortunately, limited to 1000 words. This won't work for me because by the time I approach my limit I will have just delved into the underlying meaning of this movie, which is vapid nothingness. And, to be fair, I'm okay with movies that are just for fun, but this movie was fun in-so-far as there was cool dancing in it. The Step Up franchise has really out done itself with this film. Of course, by "out done itself" I mean tried to see how horrible they could make this movie and still get all the funding they need to do the ridiculous 3D effects.

I will leave you with one final bit of wisdom about this movie. This wisdom is actually a praise of the movie, which is probably rare. The dance instructor. That is all I have to say and those of you who have regrettably seen the film will know about whom I am speaking. She is gold, unadulterated comic gold. I don't know if the screenwriter was struck by lightning while writing her character and somehow made something hilarious. Perhaps they just found an actual dance instructor and told her to act like she normally would. In this scenario, dance instructors are strange and often speak in terrible metaphors. Or, in the most likely scenario, the screenwriter was attempting to write a character who was tough but also a little quirky, like we all like our artsy-fartsy characters to be. Fortunately for the viewer, the screenwriter accidentally created a character who is so bizarre that the audience cannot help but laugh at her antics. It's like watching an old, 1950s soap commercial; it's so bad, it's good.
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