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The Village (2004)
Not exactly what the trailers advertised.
5 February 2005
I think I'm beginning to see why a lot of people did not like this movie, and I personally blame the trailers that were shown over TV. They made this movie look like a monster-thriller-on-the-edge-of-your-seat-type of movie about creatures attacking a village when really it was more of a love story between two individuals living in the village.

I suppose it was OK for it's romantic story, but when I rented this, I was expecting more of a monster movie, or some local legend brought to the "Big Screen", instead I got something completely different, this film did make me jump in one or two scenes, but it really wasn't all that scary, and the whole "monster" thing was just a short side-story of the movie; not what I wanted see at all.

So for those of you who saw the trailers; DO NOT take them seriously for they are very misleading.
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Teen Titans (2003–2006)
A show that was probably never meant to be.
24 September 2004
Once I heard people chanting that this show was good, having a "great" story and being really "funny", I decided to give it a try. But to my surprise, everything good that people said about this "thing" were exactly the opposite. I've stayed with the show throughout it's first season and I've still have yet to see improvements.

First is the so-called story everyone has been talking about. This show only offers a small story that has plot holes the size of the 'Grand Canyon', it doesn't seem to be related to any of the Teen Titans comics, so I'm guessing it's some kind of alternate story line. So far all we know is Robin and his fellow titans save the city(city name unknown), fight villains, and stop a new villain that goes by the name of Slade. However, all the villains are random and have no background stories, and since this is an alternate story line we have no information on the titan gang either; how cyborg became the way he is, how star fire got to earth, how raven got her powers, or better yet how they both became as a team. As for the whole ordeal with Slade, all that offers is just a small mystery that's probably never going to be solved with all the "I'll be back" and "We'll meet again" moments. All in all it's just random people fighting random people, that's it.

Next is the entertainment of the show. Well, let me start by saying that the comedy and action of the show is....nothing. The jokes and humor are both dead, not only are they obvious but annoying as well, they also tried going for old fashioned 'nasty food jokes', which have still yet to bring humor to the television screen. The action scenes are nothing out of the ordinary either, they tried using anime style to make things look cool, but really all that did was show how incompetent the artists at the studios are at imitating manga style art and how predictable they can be.

And here we have the animation of the show. I must say, this has to be the sorriest animation I've seen on TV since the starting days of 'Yu-Gi-Oh'. Every bad animation flaw I see in this show, it's always when they try to use anime as their excuse, they think it to be cheap, crappy, and sad. For some anime shows this is true, but a lot of others don't deserve that title, nor an abomination like this to make it look like chicken scratches. These people seriously need to get their heads out of their anal parts and start animating like every other cartoon, that is..if they can fish it out of their little budget, or even bother to.

In conclusion, this show is nothing more than a mere publicity stunt in order to make WB and CN look good. But don't take my word for it, watch it yourself, if you like a show that pretends to be something it's not and wallows in it's own misery, then be my guest, but if your looking for a show with good animation, story, and may want to just turn around and look somewhere else.
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Atomic Betty (2004–2010)
Pretty descent,.....BUT WHERE'S THE STORY!
23 September 2004
I saw this show last Friday, and I guess it was pretty good. It has unique characters and villains, O.K animation and a theme song that is as catchy as can be.

However, for being the first episode/episodes ever, it lacks a story. We don't really know who Betty is or any of her friends for that matter, nor do we know how she got into this "Guardian" academy, which is another thing we don't get to know about and there's no info on the cool looking villain Maximus either, OR his goals. It seems that Cartoon Network no longer believes in story lines anymore and thinks that success to getting a show ratings is just putting a bunch of random people fighting random villains and slap a title on it, but seeing as how they somehow accomplished "Teen Titans"(Another show with a small story that doesn't make much sense.)to so much popularity I guess this is the sad truth.

Another flaw is the show being divided into two episodes in a 30 minute time-slot, everything went by WAY too fast for the first episode, it's like she has a problem, has a job to do in space, accomplishes that and BAM, she solves her daily problem and it all just ends, this kind of thing only works for shows that are based around comedy like" Dexter's Lab" and "Billy and Mandy". The show should just use the 30 minutes for one episode, that way a lot more can be done and a bit more excitement would be added.

Aside from these conclusions, I have to admit, this show has a lot of potential, it's just that AC doesn't tend to give it a good story to bring it up a notch. I give this show a 5/10.
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The Item (1999)
A movie that was never meant to be
6 June 2004
When I first rented this I looked at the case and thought "Hmm looks descent", hoo boy was I wrong. This "thing" that shouldn't even be called a movie much less a B-movie, was nothing more than a muppet show with horrible camera shots, paper cut-out effects, and action scenes that just baffle the imagination. For example, whenever there was a shoot-out, even when all the person had was a pistol, they NEVER reload their guns after firing like mad for five minutes. Another example would be when a lady attempted to kill a group of people(with a knife an inch long) was shot repeativly as she ran what looked like 30 feet, you think she'd die after getting hit by a combination of bullets of an Uzi and two 9mm pistols.

It's as if a group of 8 year olds made this movie. It deserves a 0/10
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A child-hood film I will always remember
5 June 2004
This movie takes me WAY back, back in the days when I was around the age of 5. I would watch this movie non-stop,...right up until I was clumsy enough to break the only copy I had.

I really like this movie it's another one of Don Bluth's amazing animated films; at least in my opinion. The animation is pretty good, though Don's way of drawing animals is a little bizarre and the story isn't all that bad either.

However, if you are very protective and sensitive of what your children watch, then you may want to check this one out for yourself first. It's not like this a a cartoon of bloodfest and cussing or anything, it's just that Don's animated films tend to have a bit more of a maturity level, such as characters that bleed(just a little) and sometimes small suggestive themes. "All Dogs Go To Heaven" has dogs that gamble and smoke, and some murder(not brutal). So if you think your kids are not fit for this kind of stuff then don't watch.

All in all I rate this movie an 8/10
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