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This is a list of personal favorites I would recommend to everyone- sort of a movie bucket list if you will. I consider these to be seriously great films that are worth watching at least once if not over and over again. This list will continue to be updated, there are tons of great movies I just haven't gotten around to watching yet. Suggestions are always appreciated!
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Fans of B-grade horror and sci-fi will have to agree these films boast the greatest (cheesy) special effects and performances that make them cult classics. These movies are essential, whether or not you choose to take them seriously. I'm a huge fan of Roger Corman's early work, lover of 50s and 60s creature features, avid viewer of TCM underground, and love to seek out the "best of the worst". I'll update as soon as I find another gem and in the meantime would love some recommendations!
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This is a list based only on movies I have seen so far and would recommend to teenagers and young adults everwhere. Please feel free to leave comments and similar suggestions. Enjoy!
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Yes, I will admit this list is biased towards those of us who grew up in the 1990s, but if you can get your hands on any of these little treasures they are bound to stick in a child's mind forever. What were your favorite films growing up?