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Best Show on Much Music!, 4 March 2006

I absolutely love watching Video on Trial because it's so horribly truthful! This is definitely one of the best shows actually on Much Music, because it will make you laugh so hard you cry! My dream episode or if I could have these people on every episode, they would be Trevor Boris, Debra DiGiovanni, Ron Sparks and the ever sexy Fraser Young! These four are the best at making artists look like asses!

For anyone who has never seen the show before, or even heard of it, the basic concept is 5 videos are show and commented on by the jury members, who are mostly comedians, or random people, like from bands or people in the general music industry. Then they give their verdict of the video, and at the very end of the show, all the videos are sentenced. For example: Jesse McCarthy was sentenced to putting "may cause drowsiness" labels on all future records.

Truly a Canadian Show that all should watch! In fact, I sentence you to watch Video on Trial and laugh madly!

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A Clockwork Man, 20 January 2006

The first time I ever saw A Clockwork Orange, it was about 11 at night, and it was on ShowCase. I had heard about this movie a lot from reading stuff on the internet, always coming across it when I was reading about something else, so curious as I am, I decided to watch it. I wasn't ready at all to see what I saw in this movie, but it's like a horrific car wreck, or a guy streaking, you just can't look away. By the time the movie was over I felt sick to my stomach, and I couldn't stop thinking about how horrible it was. But I found, the more I thought about the movie and the more I read about it, I had grown a liking to it.

I had become so fascinated with it, I went out and bought the book and read that, which was difficult because of the language, and it took a while to figure out what some of the words were referring to, but when I finished I was in love with the book.

The movie and the book are very close, with the few adjustments due to time constraints in a movie. The ending to the movie though, kind of disappointed me because the book was much more to my liking. In the end of the book, Alex ends up going back to his old ways, but now him being an adult he finds everything he use to do very juvenile, and then he decides maybe he should get a real job, find a girl and settle down. In the end of the book, he's grown out of his old ways, and I really like that aspect, and it would have been good to show in the movie.

A Clockwork Orange is a brilliant movie- it's colorful AND dark, comical AND horrific. Watch this movie with an open mind, and if you ever get the chance, read the book because it's more thrilling if you have the two mediums working together. A Clockwork Orange is my favorite movie and book and I recommend it to everyone- that is, if they are in a time of their life where they can handle it.

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RIP Penn & Teller, 25 November 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

RANDOM STUFF IS THE BEST! Now that I've gotten that out of the way, I can continue. I've recently become attached to Penn & Teller and just got this movie which I had been waiting for for the past 2 weeks. I love Penn & Teller! I've seen their Magic and Mystery Tour, I own Bullsh*t! on DVD and any other way of observing them I've accomplished. This movie I couldn't wait to see because I knew it would be funny! And it was! Not only is the whole movie just a bunch of practical jokes, it's plain random! Random is good! When the movie was coming to a close and the punchline to the entire practical joke in the movie set in, I realized it was very much something that would've come from the mind of Andy Kaufman himself! That's was pure genius! If you ever get the chance to see this movie, watch it and you'll find it funny if you like random practical jokes! ALSO there is a bonus! You get to hear Teller speak! Oh yes! It's great, because you'll just think "boy does he sound weird!" but that's only because you've never heard it before- Thanks to the Egypt episode of the Magic and Mystery tour I had already heard it- So even just watch it to hear Teller's voice- It'll be great either way!

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Not For The Weak Minded, 1 July 2005

I have read a lot of bad reviews for this show, and I honestly think people who say it was stupid or (and I quote) "a piece of crap", are weak minded. Look beyond what you are seeing on television and think about how true it is to our world today.

I was born and raised a Christian, but by the time I was in tenth grade, I was sick of hearing about God this and God that- I have even stopped going to church because it's become so repetitive. Making me feel guilty for being who I am, and I just didn't want to live that way. As someone said one, "I believe In God... I do not believe in rules that tell me how to live my life." The truth behind this show is someone thought to bring science and religion together (something that many have made to contradict each other for thousands of years), despite the fact that they facts may be wrong- Who cares? It's beyond that. Here is something that is fact- there really are people who worship Satan, and there is violence and murder going on in this world- Watch CNN if you think that's a fabrication in this show as well.

My last word on this show is that even though a lot of people say it's a waste of time, the end of the world will come- Maybe not tomorrow, maybe not in one hundred years, but eventually it will- and it will be caused by the human race... whether you believe in God and Satan or not.

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A Very New Hope, 30 May 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I literally just got home from seeing this film, a film in which I have been waiting six years to see. When episode one came out, I knew episode three would be my favorite, seeing as episode six is my favorite. It gives a lot of insight to the history (which I absolutely love about movies) and answers a lot of questions that may have arose from the original trilogy.

George Lucas (who is my hero and is an inspiration into my film-making) did an excellent job at finishing this series perfectly... OK well not perfectly, but so well done that I cried, even after the film was over. It all just makes sense now, and I suggest everyone (star was fan or not) see this movie for the immense emotion and amazing graphics and lightsaber fights because they ROCK!

---SPOILERS--- I don't usually do spoilers, but I just have two comments on two different parts. The first is after Anakin officially becomes Darth Vader (suit and all) he asks where Padme is, in which Darth Sidious basically tells him he killed her (Anakin that is) and Darth Vader is like "NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" ... George Lucas... How corny can that get huh? Honestly ><!!!! (still awesome though!)

My second one is when Padme actually dies during childbirth like Anakin saw in his dreams... NOT SUPPOSE TO HAPPEN! She was suppose to die, but not then. Here's why:

Luke: Leia, do you remember your mother? Your real mother? Princess Leia: Just a little bit. She died when I was very young. Luke: What do you remember? Princess Leia: Just... images really. Feelings. Luke: Tell me. Princess Leia: She was... very beautiful. Kind, but sad. Why are you asking me this?

That is from Return of the Jedi... Leia remembers her mother (a bit) and that she was sad... Hmmm I wonder why she was sad... Padme dying at childbirth just contradicts what Leia said and that kind of bothers me... BUT a great movie nonetheless!

So now that I have ranted about that one thing that doesn't work in this movie, I am glad to say that I will forever and ever be a Star Wars fan, even though the waiting is complete... Well kind of... I have to wait for the DVD now ><

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Not the best... but still good, 2 February 2005

Alright, I've been reading reviews about this movie and people obviously don't like it. Fine, that's OK with me. My own father who loves the Blues Brothers couldn't even sit through it! I on the other hand watched the whole thing... then watched it again... and again... and again. OK, so the storyline is a little repeated, and the whole battle of the bands with the magic is a tad lame, but behind all that is some good music, and some laughs. And come on... the kid is cute! And John Goodman shows some awesome talent, and Dan Aykroyd... well, who can not love him?

So I'm just saying that some people may enjoy this flick, and others may not... I certainly did.

It's Dark and We're Wearing Sunglasses, 2 February 2005

This movie is probably one of the best movies ever made, and one of the best things to come from SNL. I remember when I first saw this movie, it was grade nine. I came home from the Halloween dance and my dad was watching it. So i sat down and watched it with him and I was hooked. The next week I made it my mission to gather a good BB costume for Halloween (which I did) and that was it.

Five years later, I think the Blues Brothers is the best thing I ever saw and I really push this movie to anyone who hasn't seen it! Go buy it, rent it, watch it and laugh till you die!


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For The Kids, But Enjoyable, 19 December 2004

I think where people have problems is children's movies. Critics bash children's movies all the time, which is rather upsetting to me. Just because the adult didn't enjoy the movie and thought it was lame, doesn't mean the child though the same thing. I'm 18 and I understand where children's movies are coming from. I enjoy a lot of them because I have an opened mind about them.

This movie in particular, was very good. I watched it with my dad, and he even liked it. Yes it seemed fast paced and sometimes lame or way to juvenille, but i's a Disney movie, and Disney likes to make movies appealing to children for the most part. I've never seen the original, but in this movie I can understand where the director was coming from. So who cares if they added karate, and who cares if some of the jokes are lame and not funny to adults. Your not the target audience. Yes it was made to entertain all ages, but think of the children before you go bashing something like this, because it is an enjoyable movie and very funny, if you open your mind to it!

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My Heros, 14 December 2004

The kids in the hall shall forever be part of Canadian pop culture. The show introduces a group of comedians from Canada, who are extremely funny and charming. They pushed the limits with sexuality and comedy, along with pushing the sensors. If you have not seen this show, try and catch it because it's simply Canadian comedy at it's best! On their Tour Of Duty, I was lucky enough to see them when they came here to London, and having them to thank for getting me into writing and acting, it was a great honor to meet them. I stood for hours to meet them, and I was so excited, I barely said anything. I did however shake Mark's hand when he was impressed by my drawing of him. He liked it so much he didn't want to sign it cause he was afraid to wreak it. Now it hangs on my wall, and although I believe it is one of the worst pictures I've ever drawn, it's one of my favorites! These guys are charming and funny and I love them soooo much! Gives me a reason to be proud of Canada!

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Didn't Want To See It... Glad I Did!, 3 December 2004

When I started seeing previews for this movie, they it didn't really float my boat. But then my dad talked me into going and I'll never regret saying no. In fact I'm mad at myself for not wanting to go! This movie was awesome! It was because of the action, the mystery and the comedic asspect. Nicholas Cage was very good at delivering his lines with charm (and not being a big Cage fan that says a lot!). Another great thing about this movie is Justin Bartha... thank the lord for Justin Bartha. The funny geek! Everyone's favorite sidekick. One thing I really enjoyed was the historical part of it all, and how the entire adventure was kept inside one country alone. One thing that bugged me was my lack of knowledge towards the movie. I never took American history in high school, and being Canadian, I'm not familiar with a lot that went on. I understand the basics because a lot of Canadians are americanized... (i probably couldn't even pick out new prime minister out of a group of people!) But overall this movie ranks up there with my small list of action films... I only like ones that have comedy in them. GO SEE IF YOU HAVE THE CHANCE.... IT IS SOOOOOO WORTH IT ^.^

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