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Spectre (2015/I)
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more penis work than brain work, 25 February 2016

This movie somehow managed to get some rating I see.However, it will bore you to death. This gentleman 'Bond' wields his genital more than he does his IQ. I hated the plot, which was basically empty with filler craps. I really do not find any significance in this movie. I hate this plot and movie.

It surprizes me that so many people actually 'like' to watch crappy lovemaking scene and gun fights. The success of espionage genre depends onintelligent plot packed with brain works not penis works or gunworks. Better watch 'In the heart of the sea' . That's a brilliantmovie which reveals the ultimate struggle of human life.

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What a junk, 26 December 2012

In the age of eye-blinding colorful computer CGIs and animation, suddenly Tim Burton, certainly gone mad, thought to try this junk, hoping people will love it for the sake of its being different! I began to watch this movie with high expectation, but it was a total disaster and rubbish. What on earth Tim Burton was trying to portray here? His idiosyncrasy?And yes he proved that he is a miserable wretch. With flawed animation, and fragile plot no character actually were properly developed. Neither Victor nor Sparky has any character development. Burton should have made it a short film because he only stuffed extraneous incoherent materials. It was not worth watching it. AVOID at all cost.

Life of Pi (2012)
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Disgusting, Boring, Painful, 26 December 2012

If I could give "0" stars for this movie, I would.I want my money and time back. This movie wont even make back the cost of the production to film. The actors were horrible. It is a torture to see them acting like that. The quality of computer imageries were the lowest level of their kinds. It was a total disaster in terms of actors, direction and the effects. The plot is too crappy and kill you to the death due to boredom. Perhaps they put the picture of the tiger in the movie poster to make audience curious. This was just a crap attempt and it is an empty movie with nothing to offer. From outside it may seem adventurous, but when you watch it you would want to throw glass at the screen for making you bore. Stay away from this miserable crap.

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Amazingly adventurous and endless fun, 26 December 2012

Fantastic. It was better than Shrek movies. They refined the fairy tale stuff and gave it a vibrant twist and turn. With superb animation works and nice plot the movie was enjoyable. I am glad they kept Antonio Banderas's voice for the Puss. He really got an enigmatic voice. Both kids and adults will find fun in the movie. The touch of creativity in the plot, Puss's adventurous journeys to the exotic places will keep you entertained till the end. Surprisingly, the movie has been under-rated. Some people just don't like modified fairy-tale stuffs. In fact you will not feel that the story was based on fairy tale. The plot of this movie was made unique enough to be one of its kind.

Excellent movie, 24 December 2012

There are a few aspects to Park's movies, and in particular Wallace & Gromit, that I would say make them so great. The first is subtlety and observation, the flagship of which is the character of Gromit. He doesn't speak, he doesn't make any noise, all he has are his eyes, brow, and body posture, and with these he commands the film. Park manages to give us everything we need from this silent character through his expression. The comedy and the emotion is conveyed through the subtlest of movements and it works superbly well. In a nutshell, it's a great movie. They kept the animation style of Chicken Run, which was another great movie. A total fun.

Shark Tale (2004)
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Enjoyed it!, 24 December 2012

Why this film goes under-rated, and a crap like Fantastic Mr. Fox goes 7+ in IMDb, I don't know. Pathetically, this tradition of overrating some crap movies in IMDb will go on... I'm amazed by this movie. The plot is superb and dynamic, with a lot of twists and turns. A loser fish accidentally was present in the event of a death of a shark who is a son of a powerful shark Don. The loser fish sees his opportunity to claim the title of 'sharkslayer' which makes him famous and rich. But it also brings the wrath of the shark Don upon him. Then the excitement begins... The animation was great. The themes of fish city, whale washing service were so exotic and creative. You certainly will enjoy that. I'm giving a 10/10.

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Wonderful fantasy, 2 September 2012

This movie is awesome. It has brilliant computer animated creatures. They look so much real, obviously great studio works. Besides, it has a nice plot which begins with the discovery of a mysterious wardrobe which is the entrance of a fantasy land Narnia. It has a fast-paced story with lots of excitements. I found a hater (I don't wanna mention his ID but it starts with 'm') in the review section whose review is in the front page of IMDb complaining about 'soullessness' (I even don't know this if this word even is used by normal people). I also check the other reviews posted by this guy and found this guy also hated 'Lord of the Rings: The return of the king' saying it was disappointing. Now, obviously he is a fantasy hater, just trolling and under rating the awesome movies in IMDb. One thing I fail to comprehend how on earth a slow-paced movie like Atonement(2007) gets 8 rating while this exciting fantasy movie gets below 7 rating in IMDb. Are people getting too much narrow minded to confine their edge of imagination into their daily drudgeries? I feel sorry this fantastic movie is under rated.

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Stupid movie, 31 August 2012

Just a few questions to show how stupid movie this is: 1. How on earth a 13 year old tribal boy can travel to US from Amazon basin without visa and passport? 2. How can a naked tribal boy with loin cloth come to airport, board on plane without attracting attention? 3. How on earth the tribal boy bring an endemic spider from Amazon to US without being stopped at customs? 4. How come a 6 inch blow gun, and a 2 feet bow goes unnoticed in airport scanner and safely transported from Amazon to US? 5. How come the 12 year daughter of Richard kiss a stinking, forever unbrushed, gross stuff eating mouth of the tribal boy from Amazon?

I hope now you understand how stupid is the director and this movie.

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A total BLACK out, 1 August 2012

Guys no offense - but the movie is a 'black' out because there are a few white people that appear in the movie - perhaps two or three of them. It was deliberate to only allow blacks to cast in this movie. And their acting was horrible.

Terrible plot with garbage acting- this movie will bring infinite boredom and anger as well.

Do not waste your time and money on this garbage. The actors were pathetic. Certainly this movie is targeted for the black audience and conveys racist signals. This movie in three words: piece of trash. Save your free time for something better.

Shooter (2007/I)
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Piece of trash full of logical errors, 30 July 2012

Just another over rated movie. How on earth shot twice- in chest and stomach can fight a burly and healthy FBI agent and snatch his gun, buckle him with the hand cuff- what a garbage. Not only this, how on earth he bleeds so little after being shot twice in two vital points- chest and stomach. How on earth he drives so smartly dodging incoming vehicles in that serious condition- how come he doesn't feel dizzy while driving so smartly because of his serious wounds? Such a piece of trash. How come he walks through a shop without being noticed of his serious wounds and managed to buy sugar, salt, water- blood does have a strong smell and even in the dark anyone smells a wound. How come a beautiful young woman like the widow of his best friend doesn't have a boy friend after 3 years of her husband's death- how come she didn't marry again even after 3 years- nonsense. To sum up, a huge piece of trash. Don't just get fooled because of the high rating in IMDb.

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