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Special effects are key!, 19 August 2005

Of all of the comments I've seen here, no-one mentions the greatest special effect ever pulled off... when Hallie pierces Annie's ears. Hallie's ears are pierced, and she realizes that Annie's are not. When Annie objects, Hallie explains that there would be no way that their dad would believe that she had pierced ears when she went to camp, but not when she came home. The only way to pull it off is for Annie to have her ears pierced. When Hallie literally plunges the needle through Annie's earlobe, she (somehow) hits it dead center; and you actually see this with your own eyes! This, to me, is one of the greatest special effects ever.

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A true live-action Roadrunner cartoon!, 14 May 2005

If you like goofy-funny movies, this is a classic that will keep you laughing! Ann-Margaret plays the gorgeous Charming Jones, who recruits the help of Handsome Stranger (a VERY young Arnold Schwarzenegger) to escort her as she transfers her inherited fortune. Wealthy Avery Simpson, played by Jack Elam, wants her inheritance, and hires has-been cowboy Cactus Jack Slade (Kirk Douglas) to rob her. Slade, along with his horse Whiskey (the REAL star of this film!), keeps you in stitches with his Road Runner antics as he makes countless attempts to get the loot. This film is completed with the appearance of other stars that tie it all together, including Paul Lynde, Foster Brooks, Strother Martin, Mel Tillis, and Ruth Buzzi (just to name a few). A great film for anyone who enjoys comedy westerns!