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In somewhat of an appreciable order of approximate preference
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This is a list of my favorite movies in a somewhat sensible fashion: the movies have been ranked in order of approximate preference with minor exceptions such as if the movies are part of a series in which case they are grouped together but the series is ordered preferentially. This, like all other compilations, is subject to change with time. It may include certain movies that are highly rated as well as some that are not so highly rated. For the latter, please accept them as my guilty pleasures for if nothing else but the laughs, the emotions, or maybe just the escapism they may provide. Realizing there are still many great movies I have not yet seen, I'm off to delve into the reel world. Hope you find something you like as well as something you can look forward to watching :)
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Movies that belong to a series have been grouped together, although in order of preference rather than chronology. Like all lists, this is a list that flows in accordance with the list maker. Thus, I do not claim that all the movies in the list are great movies or even good movies, but I do say that I found them to be quite enjoyable, whether it was through their magic of storytelling, the emotions they elicited, the laughs they brought out, the ideas they conveyed, or the mere escapism they provided.
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The rankings are an average of sorts of two metrics:
1) How good is the movie overall
2) How awesome are the action sequences (whether they be highly skilled, natural, chaotic, stylized, or whatever, they have to flow)
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Listed below are my favorite romantic movies. Movies that are part of a series are grouped together (a series of movies is just like one long movie after all). However, they are ranked in order to preference, from most preferred to least preferred.

Like all lists, this list is subject to change with time.
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People are different. They have different opinions. They have different tastes and preferences. This list is a window to my personality and sense of humor, to what I find enjoyable and funny. Noticeably, this list will be devoid of spoof movies or ones that extensively employ physical comedy, since those types of comedies do not make me laugh. As to what does make me, a 90s child, laugh, I have listed below, ranked according to how funny I found the movie to be.

Hopefully, you find something funny and entertaining to watch!
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in no particular order
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My favorite thrillers and suspense dramas