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Gone Girl (2014)
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A Film With All The Right Qualities, 15 October 2014

Taking the classic route for a mystery thriller, Gone Girl delivers on all aspects of successful filmmaking. It does not hesitate to tell the nitty gritty of marriage, on an exaggerated yet believable format.

David Fincher returns with an adaption of Gillian Flynn's novel of the same name. With a cast including Ben Affleck (Nick Dunne) and Rosemunda Pike (Amy Dunne), Gone Girl is an intriguing story. It tells the tale of a marriage once loving yet now seemingly on its last legs but with the disappearance of Nick's wife, he soon become the focus of an intense media circus, the fight for justice and story of marriage mix well.

Fincher's ability to tell the story and switch between both sides is excellent. He allows us to take two accounts and begin forming our own opinions of what actually happened to Amy Dunne and the pairs once loving marriage. We are kept intrigued and guessing as to what has happened and as the story develops and it is revealed,we wait to see as to what will happen. Apart from the stunning performances by the two leads, the rest of the cast also deliver a rock solid performance. The script and shots are well delivered and the color pallet also adds to the dark tone of the film along with the music. It does also deliver a few jokes when your not expecting them, which lighten the mood at tense moments.

Overall, Fincher's film is a dazzling tale and one of the best films I have seen so far this year. So why only 8*? I just feel that there might be something missing, though I can't put my finger on it. Still well worth the watch.

Skyfall (2012)
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It Was OK..., 30 October 2012

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I was extremely excited for Skyfall, especially since Daniel Craig is my favourite Bond by a long mile, but I just wasn't pleased with the movie.

I felt as if it took a while to really get off its feet, the first half of the movie was just how Bond was unfit for service and how he came back to MI6 since he had been shot on M's orders. It was really a 20 minute plot detail stretched over 70 minutes.

The acting in the film is superb though, Daniel Craig delivers another hardcore performance, and Judi Dench got much more to do in this film. Javier Bardem was the man who really carried this movie, he was realistic and funny.

It was when his character Silva was introduced that I felt the movie really took off, the action truly began. The one thing I felt was that they really copied off the Dark Knight with Silva's character, he had a messed up face like Dent, he wanted to be caught like the Joker. At the end of the movie, as Silva desperately tried to kill M and the action was reaching it's cilmax, I was finally feeling happy. But then they ruined it as again.

I had felt for a while the M was going to die, and she did, but not in some big bullet shot or raging anger by Silva, no she died of blood loss, and it was just stupid, a waste of time.

It's a movie worth seeing, don't get me wrong, it introduces new characters like Moneypenny and such, but I had seen so many reviews and it had been built up so much that I had expected something better, maybe the was the problem.

"Homeland" (2011)
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Best Show on Television At The Moment, 27 October 2012

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Every week I anticipate a new episode of Homeland, and every week I'm highly satisfied. With a strong cast, this show never fails to deliver a heart stopping story-line.

With excellent writing and directing, Homeland shows that good T.V is still out there. Every week my heart beats so fast as the show reaches a climax and I am always satisfied with the conclusion, and left in agony for the next episode

I think the strongest point of the show is the acting, Claire Danes portrayal of Carrie Mathison, a CIA agent with a bi-polar disorder, who is the only one who believes the Marine Nicolas Brody is now a terrorist, is the most realistic acting I have ever seen on T.V. She brings something to the role which I think no other actress can, although I think there are too many scenes where we see her crying face, which is annoying.

Also Damian Lewis portrayal of Nicolas Brody a turned U.S Marine, now a terrorist after 8 years in captivity, is outstanding. He shows the real struggle a soldier faces when coming back from 8 years away from people and connecting with his family once more, and trying to hide his alter- ego terrorist.

With a superb cast, directing, and writing, Homeland is the show to watch, yes some parts are unrealistic, but its not a documentary, I only fear that it will soon get too unbelievable, but I have every faith in the writers. So get watching if you want your heart going 100 miles an hour..