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Bout as far back as I can go and still have a decent memory of the movies without rewatching them all. Man 2004 was a good year for comedies.
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I haven't seen *beep* this year! Seriously theres been so many entertaining to great movies and I haven't been to a theater but once, Captain America 2, Non-Stop, Dawn of Planet of the Apes, The Raid 2, Earth to Echo, Boyhood, Edge of Tomorrow, , 22 Jump Street, Interstellar...
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Actors that took their turn behind the camera. For now I will exclude those who've only directed one movie, such as Michael Keaton, even if the movie was well received. So of course we'll have the obvious choices such as Ron Howard and Clint Eastwood, along with anyone else who's body of work, preferably 3 or more movies, measures up. As I research this I realize there's quite a bit of successful directors who acted before hand, so I want to limit this list to directors who gained a reputation as an actor to an extent before directing.
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The Western is was a staple of cinema since its inception. However the past few years have seen a dramatic drop in the number of Oaters produced. Here are some of the best from the past few decades.
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Haven't seen alot of movies yet this year. But here's my favorites. Looking forward to a lot of movies and still have some to catch up on-Man of Steel, Pacific Rim, Rush, Captain Phillips, Out of the Furnace, 12 Years a Slave, Inside Lewyn Davis, The Counselor, Catching Fire, American Hustle and Elysium. So this list could be quite different soon. Though I don't predict anything knocking GRAVITY from my top spot.

This year was really a bounce back from 2012 after being disappointed by most of the big releases that year.

Edit: I've now seen 12 Years a Slave, Out of the Furnace and Captain Phillips. 12 Years a Slave has a narrow edge over Gravity, but really you should see them both! They're wonderful films.
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PS. Also... that I've seen... yes yes I haven't seen the Avengers yet. I know I know I should... Leave me Alone, I can wait till Iron Man 3 anyways.
Edit! I have now seen the Avengers and the 1st Hobbit!
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Lot of acclaimed movies from this year that I haven't seen yet. The Departed, Devil Wears Prada, Little Miss Sunshine, Babel, The Lives of Others, Letters from Iwo Jima, freakin Children of Men etc. Here is what I HAVE seen.
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And that I've liked.
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Little top heavy on newer movies, but I don't think if you sat down to watch any of these fine films that you'd have a bad time.
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... That I've seen! Still haven't seen the Social Network... or 127 Hours

Retroactively doing this one, realizing I've seen alot alot of movies from this year.
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That had theater releases... and that I've seen
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Disney may have had the first full length animated feature, and set the bar for years to come (along with its offspring Pixar) but excellent cartoons aren't exclusive to the house of mouse. Here's some of the best to come out of other studios.
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So strange making a list of movies from this far back. I've seen alot of movies from this year but rating them is different. You're going against your own memory of the film while trying to ignore the popular consensus that has formed since its release. However I'm pretty set on my list of a great year of films. And DAMN were there alot of good 'uns!

EDIT: Even with a list from several years ago, still some movies I want to see- Gone Baby Gone, Eastern Promises, Sunshine, Assassination of Jessie James,
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I was going to do a list of the greatest "Comic book" movies. However my realization that films like A History of Violence and Road to Perdition are based on graphic novels undid that ambition. I'll stick with superheros and I use the term loosely, that way I don't have to watch every MIB, Persopolis etc.