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One of the best films I've seen in a long time..., 1 December 2005

Even though Harry Potter and Chicken Little seem to have pushed Zathura into a black hole, I think Zathura is a great movie full of heart. Fun to watch. Great visuals spawned by great art direction. The Neo/50's-ish feel of the sci-fi aspect is very refreshing. I was also quite pleased at how the effects weren't always just CG when they could have easily made their visual effect shot list many times longer with on-set neglection. The aliens in the movie bring me back to the days of rubber suited creatures. The look of a puppet/suit for a monster in a movie these days may seem painfully noticeable, But it's done quite well (unlike some cg) and they are always artistically lit (I know...darkness hides your horrible prop, but the aliens look good here and in this movie it's quite appropriate.) If you haven't seen this film, I suggest you do. For a change, it's a movie well worth your ticket price.