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Outstanding horror film, 30 November 2006

Every once in a while a new horror film comes along that reinvents the genre (Jaws, Halloween, The Exorcist, A Nightmare on Elm Street). These films not only prove to be entertaining, but they add something new and visionary to a market that seems to thrive mostly on rip-offs, sequels and spoofs. JEEPERS CREEPERS should be counted among them. While it doesn't maintain the level of thrills it achieves during the first 45 minutes or so, at just 90 minutes it does still manages to keep an effective level of adrenaline pumping shocks and scares and has one heck of a creepy ending to boot. The acting is first rate and the movie looks terrific. The CGI effects are thankfully kept to a minimum and its just a fun ride! There's nothing more to say. Rent it. Buy it. Enjoy it.

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Not definitive but definitely under-appreciated, 2 October 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Based on Ingmar Bergman's film SMILES OF A SUMMER NIGHT, this musical film adapted by its Broadway creators Hugh Wheeler (screenplay), Stephen Sondheim (Music and Lyrics) and Harold Prince (director), concerns three mismatched couples.

Actress Desiree Armfeldt (Elizabeth Taylor), is seeing Count Mittelheim (Laurence Guittard) who is married to Charlotte Mittelheim (a delicious scene stealing performance from Diana Rigg). Frederick Egerman (Len Cariou), Deseiree's past lover, is married to the still-virginal Anne (Lesley-Anne Down), who is half his age. Frederick's son Erick (Christopher Guard) is hopelessly in love with his stepmother Anne (who is actually only a year younger than he.)

Petra (Lesley Dunlop); Frederick and Anne's maid, Madame Armfeldt (Hermione Gingold); Desiree's mother, and Frederika (Chloe Franks); Desiree's daughter - round out the action which occurs in town and culminates during a hectic "Weekend in the Country" at Madame Armfeldt's sprawling manor.

Forget what you've heard or read about the film. Yes, it is flawed in context to the Broadway original, but considering it was made when film musicals were all but dead in Hollywood, it is amazing that it even exists. The score is still just as witty and romantic and features a wonderful new version of THE GLAMOROUS LIFE written specifically for the film. The cast, many of them reprising their original stage roles, is uniformly superb! And despite all the nasty comments, Elizabeth Taylor is quite charming as Desiree (especially in the duet YOU MUST MEET MY WIFE with Cariou.) Sondheim even added a new verse or two for the marvelous song EVERY DAY A LITTLE DEATH.

If you get a chance - see this film anyway that you can as it may just steal your heart.

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One of the greatest black comedies ever filmed!, 6 June 2005

And also one of the most misunderstood films of all time. Those that trash the film just simply don't get it! This is a diabolically clever spoof about our obsession with youth and staying young taken to levels of sheer genius! The cast and director Zemeckis are all uniformly terrific. Streep does a wonderful tribute to Elizabeth Taylor at her shrill and catty best and Hawn and Rosalini are both superb. (Hawn's fat make-up is astounding!) Willis is just marvelous playing against type. Bravo! This film deservedly won the Oscar for its amazing groundbreaking special effects. Unfortunately the DVD is only available in the full screen format. And where are the extras?? This film had two very different endings (see the Trivia portion here on IMDb). Whole characters were removed from the final cut (Tracy Ullman and Jonathan Silverman to name a couple.)When do we get the widescreen special directors edition that includes both endings? Well ... until that time, enjoy the current edition. You won't be disappointed.