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Overall a fine link in the story arc, 5 November 2012

This was an episode inspired by the likes of Deep Impact or Armageddon, or perhaps a prevailing theory pertaining to the extinction of the Earth's prehistoric rulers. A meteorite effectively wipes out Terra Nova's power, and a good measure of chaos ensues. Relevant questions that any astute viewer may ask would likely include the following. If the "Eye" can be shielded from an Electromagnetic pulse (EMP), then why too could Terra Nova's generators not also be shielded. Also, would an EMP generated by a meteorite exploding in the atmosphere actually melt the circuitry in computer hardware? Would the chip printing machine not also be damaged? Would computer hardware manufactured in 2149 not be able to withstand EMPs as a mere artifact of their design? And finally, is there really only one person in Terra Nova capable of repairing computer chips? Nevertheless, an enjoyable episode. - D.S.

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A Sizzler !, 1 October 2008

This rather lack luster series deals with the early years pertaining to the rule of Henry VIII, and trades, rather unfortunately boobies and gratuitous sex for historical accuracy. Artistic license is drawn out to the point of absurdity in less than enticing story lines that include the annulment of Henry's marriage to Katherine of Arragon, and homosexual liaisons that go nowhere. Perhaps a more compact view of this story, and a better (less juvenile) interpretation of broader continental political affair, and court intrigue would have provided for an overall more satisfying experience. Henry VIII did accomplish other things during his lifetime other than rolling around in the leaves with Ann Boyeln. Also, perhaps Jonathan Rhys Meyers could be replaced in future seasons. Despite his numerous histrionic talents, he is simply not suited to play Henry VIII. In summary, even though the plot was preposterous, I found the romance between Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn to be a sizzler! Not to be confused with a third rate all you can eat restaurant. Over to you ... Margaret. D. Stratton. The Movie Show.

Entrapment (1999)
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Connery does the Thomas Crown Affair, 21 June 2004

Jon Amiel ( recently responsible for the tiresome save the earth adventure "the Core") brings us a Thomas Crown Affair copy. This time with Connery playing Mac (a master thief who doesn't like "complications"), and Zeta-Jones as a resourceful yet petulant insurance fraud agent.

One has to wonder at the point of this film, except maybe to deal some concessions to Connery fans by having him live the life of a playboy in a Scottish Castle, stealing not because he needs to, but rather for the sport of it. Likewise Zeta-Jone's character has little to offer (as it seems she never outgrew the adolescent stage of throwing tantrums when someone was mean to her). Unfortunately, entrapment ('that's what cops do to thieves') has little more to offer than a set of exotic locales, stunts, and luring shots of a voluptuous Zeta-Jones. Bottom line: Even though the plot was preposterous I found the romance between Zeta-Jones and Connery to be a sizzler.

3 out of 5 stars.