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Dead Boss (2012– )
Nice program but can it last
22 July 2012
This sitcom is co-written by and stars Sharon Horgan, the co-creator of the rather brilliant Pulling, a sitcom which was axed to much outcry some years back. Dead Boss starts at a dizzying pace and the first episode has all the slickness of a 1970's heist movie. The jokes come thick and fast. Much has been made of the cameo by Jennifer Saunders but it is characters of Christina, Helen's arsonist cell mate and the disturbing Top Dog, played beautifully by Lizzie Roper that really steal the show. it is great to see a well written female-led show but after a terrific start the series began to drag, the jokes start to drag and the whodunit storyline begins to is hard to see how they will eek out a second or even third series. Good fun though
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Parents (2012– )
At last, a British comedy that I can watch with my whole family
22 July 2012
Over the last twenty years it seems that sitcoms have dwindled away and comedy in general has been ushered to past the watershed. Gone are the days when you could watch a comedy program as a family, as a child I was lucky enough to have Only Fools and Horses, Butterflies, Dad's Army, Open All Hours.... the list goes on. Today's families have very few quality programs to watch together. With the possible exception of "Miranda" on the BBC.(Coincidentally this program features two of the stars of Miranda, the incredibly talented Sally Phillips and the excellent Tom Conti) Granted, it's not going to tear up the world of comedy, but this sitcom has a lot going for it. It's very gentle, silly, and sentimental Great characters, strong relationships, smart dialogue and a lot of heart.
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