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Robin Williams - well done
1 April 2015
This movie is genius. When robin williams passed away i honestly thought he was an overrated actor and considering his repertoire of "RV" and stupid movies like that one, I just didn't have too much respect for robin williams. but after watching this movie i felt dumbfounded to even minorly think that. robin williams' character gives me goosebumps when he talks. and that doesn't mean he has cheezy lines, its because it just felt like the words coming out of his mouth were real. that he wasn't given a script. he was having a normal conversation

Anyways... thats my favourite part of the movie. but its not the only part. this movie is always interesting. it feels like there is not one point in the movie in which i could go to the bathroom and feel like i missed nothing. and the casting for the main roles is perfect.
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The Crow (1994)
Should've been a trilogy
13 March 2015
I know Brandon Lee died during filming but still it feels like they closed a door.

This is a very interesting movie that has really gotten me thinking for the past 12 hours. What would I do if I were Eric and had a short time to come back? Who would I go to? Who would I talk to? Especially with the way that Brandon Lee plays the character, its just as if I have so many new ideas that have come to life. Thats a bad thing at the same time. They opened a door to new ideas, then just stood there and didn't make anything come to life.

I really like the plot and the main idea of the movie. All actors played their roles very well and especially Brandon Lee and the young girl. I mean you don't see many pre-teens that know how to act but she did an incredible job; especially considering the rarity of kid actors being of any quality above cheesy.

But, like I state in my review title, it feels like this idea can be opened up to so much more and has been cut short. Yes, i know the protagonist passed away during filming and they didn't want to shove another guy in his position, but it feels like there is so much more that not only the film but the main idea. It seems as though they had cut it short.
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Warrior (2011)
best fighting movie i've ever seen
4 November 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I'm just going to put spoiler just to be safe because I hate it when anything is given away in movies..

I'm just going to start off this review with the best part of the movie and the acting was pretty damn good.

The music.

Whoever did the music for this movie is a true genius. My face was completely glued to the TV screen and the music just made my heart beat much faster. Especially during the tournament, every fight that the brothers were in felt as if they were saving the world. My body was shaking because of that movie and I felt so compelled to the screen.

BUT, the music isn't the only thing. I think the father and Tommy were played by the perfect actors. Especially the father. His emotions and when he gets drunk again is impressively done. Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if he wasn't acting, they just caught him while he was hammered. Tommy to me felt as if 'nothing matters anymore.' And he played that damn well. When they find out who he really is, he acts calm and not surprised.

I can't say much bad about this movie only that i want 6 more of them to be made.
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unbelievably intense
31 October 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I'm just going to put spoiler just to be safe because I hate it when anything is given away in movies..

Watching this movie, it feels almost as if my mind has adapted another view. I mean some of the scenes like the curb-stomping are just ridiculous. After watching that my body sat still and I couldn't do anything except say holy s**t. By far this is the most intense movie i have ever seen. Events that occur are harsh and definitely drastic.

The acting is unbelievable. Not a single bad actor in the cast, all very well done it almost feels as if they ARE the character in reality. Midway through the movie I thought about the bad part about this movie is VERY bad. And it isn't even the movie thats the problem, its the impact it would take affect on a viewer. Racism and I mean look at the kid who killed his girlfriend and cut her limbs into pieces. Where did he think of that? He LOVED the show Dexter and thats what Dexter does, cut bodies into pieces. I honestly could see that happening with this movie, someone symbolizing the first hour of this movie, up to when he grows hair.

Despite that one piece, this movie is incredible. The way that Edward Norton does this character is truly incredible and he deserved that Oscar more than anyone else that year, well I guess Tom Hanks in Saving Private Ryan did pretty good too.

This movie really shows the impact of the older brother and how much his younge brother is taking after him and how he is the one that can change him to being a better person and lose the racism. Last half of this movie is truly inspiration.
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Hannibal: Mizumono (2014)
Season 2, Episode 13
8 July 2014
all that is needed to be said is that the acting is unbelievable. best acting i have ever seen, incredible music used in this episode, makeup is absolutely amazing. especially Hannibal's. I could watch this episode over and over, so intense. i don't know what more they could've done for this episode. the only thing is that it just makes it so rough for whatever the writers want to do for next season. I am a bit worried they are going to copy the movies into season 3 but we'll see. i can't predict anything in a review. must-see episode beyond belief. don't don't don't miss it. i would recommend watching the whole 25 episodes prior to this one solely to see it.
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where did this praise come from?
15 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers

Acting was really well done in this movie for the most part. producing really well done. i just simply found it a bad movie.

The script, which was mediocre at best, didn't necessary add up or make much sense at all. how did the rest of the family end up with Solomon? am i just blind and didn't focus enough? after about 15 minutes into the movie, i just felt disappointed. The white person seems to be practically a Nazi. it doesn't add up to reality of the 19th century. the protagonist's story really isn't that interesting either. they shouldve either made Solomon's story more interesting, or followed the wife's story primarily. her story was much more meaningful and sad. Kids playing around when Solomon is almost being hung? kids. slaves. playing. where does the logistics add up there? those kids have been bought as slaves. why are they playing around? i don't get it. i just think this story has been murdered by Hollywood. simple as that.
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Broken Trust (2012 TV Movie)
15 June 2013
This movie, a supposed "thriller" is awful. The acting, which is garbage, some actors are alright but most are just terrible. The camera angles are just the worst. They are in the worst possible spots for each scene. The music is the worst thing though by far. They use this "intense" music attempting to scare you and make it a real thriller, but the acting isn't good enough to make it a thriller, or the plot.

Most scenes when they use this music it's an awful attempt to scare you. It repeats the exact same music in other scenes, can't they make up something else? The music seems completely irrelevant to the movie too. Anyways, my point is the acting is gross. If you're looking for a good movie, skip past this one.
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