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"Clutch" (2011)
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Intense, Original and Packed with Nudity. What more can you ask?, 12 December 2012

I watched this series based on a friend's recommendation. I had never seen a web-series before, and now I don't know why. To me this was better entertainment than most of what is on television, and because the episodes are shorter, not so much of a commitment (though once I started watching, I kept watching everything they have out so far so I may as well have watched a feature film).

What really grabbed me about the originality of this show was how much nudity there is in it, but I never felt "dirty" for watching it. It was like the nudity was just a natural part of the show and it made the scenes more intense (especially in what could possibly be the most EPIC death scene ever put on film in their first season finale, followed by an opening to the next season that made even my stomach turn but I couldn't stop watching).

My only gripe is that the story takes a little time to get going, but trust me, if you stick it out, it will be well worth it. Everything pays off and I actually think I'm going to go back and watch the first few episodes again to see how they did stuff that comes back later in a big way.

Ecstasy (2011/I)
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Great soundtrack and directing, 26 July 2012

Despite the bad reviews I went ahead and watch the film...just really wanted to see a house music film. To my surprise the film is actually serious and deep. There are some holes in the story, like the church thing, but its minor. i thought the director did an excellent job. The acting is immersive, the cinematography is slick and the music is will satisfy your ecstasy addiction.

I didn't realize im writing a review for this film and IMDb wants me to write more. Im not really a reviewer so I will just put things in point forms.

What I love:

- The mother's struggle with her corrupted daughter. This part really reminded me of my current relationship with my mom. She just despised my going out and partying til the morning ways. although I was responsible, she was still giving me a hard time. I get her point. It's so much better now that I don't live at home. Our relationship is 10 times better.

What I hate:

- I hated the church playing in to the film. I thought they could have just focused on the family thing and it would have been a perfect film. They tried to incorporate too many ideas into one film and thats why that part suffered. I just didn't buy the Priest and the drugs thing.

Overall, I give this film a 8 out of 10 because its a good film that is socially relevant and it also hits home for me and some of my friends.....specially watching the bathroom scene in the club. WOW!